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SandBell, KettleBell, Medicine Ball or Slam Ball?

How versatile are your training tools A smart athlete, trainer, coach or fitness enthusiast is always looking to do one thing: optimize. Optimize your time spent training, your performance gains, your workout space and your...

Tips to Master CG Games Competition: Prelims

The Camp Gladiator CG Games prelims are coming! CG Games prelims start this weekend with 2 consecutive weekends of muscle burning events where athletes will compete for a position in the CG Games on November 18th....

Tips For Surviving Murph

Honor MURPH by Giving it Your Best Spring is officially in the air, and it's never too early to start shifting your attention towards Memorial Day. For most that means hot dogs and cold beers. But...

5 Tips to Make Your Fitness Journey Easier

Nothing worth having comes easy, especially reaching your top fitness goals. The journey to reaching fitness goals may seem like a long one, but with a little bit of motivation and a positive mindset it...

weighted vests

Hyper Vest Weighted Vests: 5 Unique Features

Hyper Vest® Weighted Vests | What Makes them the Best? Training in weighted vests has recently become much more popular, especially since the meteoric rise of CrossFit, which utilizes weight vests in MURPH and aother...

butt workout

Exercise Execution: SandBell Front Squat

SandBell Front Squat Looking for the most fundamental sandbag strength exercise you should be doing? Try the SandBell front squat. This compound, multi-joint exercise targets all the muscles of the legs as well as the...