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SandBell, KettleBell, Medicine Ball or Slam Ball?

How versatile are your training tools A smart athlete, trainer, coach or fitness enthusiast is always looking to do one thing: optimize. Optimize your time spent training, your performance gains, your workout space and your...

battle rope

SandRope Battle Rope Review

As outdoor trainers, we at Nature’s Fitness are in constant search of products that can help our clients maximize their efforts in a minimal time frame. We are pleased to announce our support and...

weighted vests

Weight Vest Research

As any athlete knows, the importance of weight training is a crucial part of a productive workout. In order to efficiently lose fat and gain lean muscle mass, a combination of cardio and strength...

SandBell Reviews in the Media

SandBell Reviews in Men's Health, Weight Watchers, Runner's World and  Wired Magazines SandBell reviews keep coming our way. Recently, the media has been in a frenzy over Hyperwear gear, and for a good reason! Our...