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Don’t Let Your Pregnancy Take the Play Out of Exercising

Safe Exercise During Pregnancy By Britny Fowler, Hyperwear Master Trainer   For safe exercise during pregnancy, there's nothing like preparing with simple powerful gear. My SandBell workouts are uniquely perfect and functional for training for labor, post-labor, playing...

Training with Weighted Vests

Training with Weighted Vests By Annette Lang, NASM, NSCA, ACE I remember the first time I added resistance to my torso for exercise,  I was working at a health club in Florida and we used to...

SandBell Exercise: Progressive Push-Ups

SandBell Exercise Hyper Training Lab #33: Progressive Push-Ups Take progressive push-ups to a new level with this SandBell exercise. [embed][/embed] Exercises Shown in the Video: Set-Up: This SandBell exercise circuit requires a partner and one SandBell per person. When doing...

sandbag exercise

Sandbag Exercise with Throws and Slams

Sandbag Exercise | SandBell Throws and Slams By Todd A. Wright, F.A.F.S Sandbag exercise using the SandBell is a new development. For years conventional power training has been implemented with a wide array of athletes/clients using...

SandBell Upright Row Variations

Hyper Training Lab #30: SandBell Upright Row Variation [embed][/embed] Exercises Shown in the Video: SandBell Upright Row with Variations Set-up: For the following exercises, stand in an athletic position with your knees slightly bent. Be sure not...

SandBells for physical education

SandBells for Physical Education Classes

Using SandBells for Physical Education Classes If you teach play-based physical education, this video will show you how to get the kids thinking exercise and math are fun using SandBells for physical education! SandBells come...

SandBell Group Exercise and Partner Relay

Welcome back to Thursday's P.E. Drill Thrill! This week we're bringing you a SandBell group exercise and partner relay! Today’s SandBell group exercise includes a video showing how the exercise is done. To complete the...

SandBell Training with Bill Sonnemaker

SandBell Training Moves If you haven't caught on already, Hyperwear is committed to providing you constant and continuous content on SandBell training! Recently, we've been fortunate to get some great video clips from Bill Sonnemaker...