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SandBell Training with Bill Sonnemaker

SandBell Training Moves If you haven't caught on already, Hyperwear is committed to providing you constant and continuous content on SandBell training! Recently, we've been fortunate to get some great video clips from Bill Sonnemaker...

Weight Vest Workout at the Austin Track

Here at Hyperwear, we're committed to providing our customers, followers and fans with continuous education on how to train with our products! Twice a month we bring you the Hyper Training Lab circuit workout...

P.E. Drill Thrill: SandBell tag games

SandBell Exercises Games Physical Education SandBell Sandbag Weight for P.E. Tag Games Welcome back to Thursday’s K-12 P.E. Drill Thrill - SandBell Exercises Games Physical Education This week, we’re bringing you two great SandBell tag games! [caption id="attachment_5360" align="aligncenter"...

Weighted vest training for rock climbers

Weighted Vest Training for Rock Climbers Looking to strengthen muscles and increase stamina when scaling a mountain, inside or out? Amp up the intensity of climbing and cross training with weighted vest training in a...

Benefits of Weight Vest

Benefits of Weight Vest Training Here at Hyperwear, we love our weight vests and want everyone to use them, enjoy them and maintain healthy lifestyles with the benefits of weight vest workouts! Today, we want...