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5 tips to make fitness easier

5 Tips to Make Fitness Easier

The Keys to Workout Success and Health | 5 Tips to Make Fitness Easier Nothing worth having comes easy, especially reaching your top fitness goals. The journey to reaching fitness goals may seem like a long one,...

weighted vests

Hyper Vest Weighted Vests: 5 Unique Features

Hyper Vest® Weighted Vests | What Makes them the Best? Training in weighted vests has recently become much more popular, especially since the meteoric rise of CrossFit, which utilizes weight vests in MURPH and aother...

butt workout

Exercise Execution: SandBell Front Squat

SandBell Front Squat Looking for the most fundamental sandbag strength exercise you should be doing? Try the SandBell front squat. This compound, multi-joint exercise targets all the muscles of the legs as well as the...

Mastering MURPH: Tips from Julie Foucher

Top 5 MURPH Tips from CrossFit® Games Athlete Julie Foucher Preparing for MURPH and Choosing a Weight Vest Memorial Day is just a few days away and while most ordinary Americans will be relaxing at barbecues,...

OCR Training with Coach Yancy Culp

Hyperwear recently spoke with Elite Obstacle Course Race competitor & trainer and Hyperwear Ambassador, Yancy Culp, about the future of OCR and what it takes to win the OCR World Championship. [caption id="attachment_13814" align="alignnone" width="300"] Yancy...

Better Booty

Top 5 SandBell Better Booty Exercises

The Gluteus Maximus, a.k.a. the butt, is the largest and most powerful muscle in the body. For some it's pretty prominent, we’re looking at you Kim Kardashian. For others it’s practically non-existent. With our...