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Outdoor Workouts and Fitness Equipment

Summer is the time for outdoor workouts. Getting outside is healthy and Hyperwear has the perfect fitness equipment for outdoor workouts. For motivation and success, sign up for a bootcamp and have a fitness...

Weighted Vest Hypergravity Training

Weighted Vest Hypergravity Training Weighted vest workouts can provide proven benefits in speed, agility, strength and endurance by increasing resistance. A force greater than the force of gravity on the earth's surface is known as...

Battle Rope Exercises with a SandRope™

Battle Rope Exercises with a SandRope Using battle ropes is a fantastic workout but battle rope exercises are very limited in variety due to the ropes being anchored and taking up tons of space. The...

Workouts for Osteoporosis

Workouts for osteoporosis are an important option for treatment. In these contemporary times, the fitness industry is booming as more and more people seek information and advice regarding how to optimize wellness. In addition...

Weight Vests for a Healthy Body

Weight vests have become a popular component used by many people in their exercise programs. A weight vest is exactly what it sounds like: a heavy vest. A weight vest is worn over the...