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Guide to a Better Butt Workout with the SandBell

Better Butt Workout using the Hyperwear SandBell®

Every woman who has survived pregnancy can tell you that pregnancy takes a toll on a mother’s body. The good news is that the change can be temporary. You can bounce back! You’ll have to work harder than you like to get back to where you were before and even harder than that if you want to look even better. But, if you are tough enough to have a child, you are tough enough to do what it takes! Channel that same discipline that kept you from eating a whole pie when your hormones were raging out of control or drinking any alcohol for 9 whole months! Direct it towards getting your rear in gear and get a better butt! In conjunction with nutrient-rich, calorie-conscious meals and snacks, tackling this workout, two to three times a week is Mommy’s Guide to a Better Butt!

butt workout

Sandbell Front Squat Execution

There are four exercises within the program for your better butt workout. Eventually, you should aspire to perform 20 repetitions of each exercise within a set. If you are just getting started, modify that to a volume that is achievable for you right now. These exercises are for muscular endurance. High rep, low resistance exercises are fantastic for toning and tightening. Your heart rate will come up with the rhythm of the non-stop movement patterns. If you need a break, mid-set, take a break! Just don’t throw in the towel, altogether. This program was designed to target the glutes, thighs, and all through the core. It will torch calories, systematically strengthen the body, and tone below the belt! After completing a full set, recover, then repeat twice more.

The equipment needed is simple: the Hyperwear SandBell Total Body Blast bundle and an elevated platform, like a plyo box or Step Aerobics bench. Specifically, the SandBell bundle is 2- four pound SandBells, and 1- ten-pound SandBell. The bench, bells, and your body are your triple threat against the havoc that pregnancy wreaked on your derriere.

Here are the four exercises:


Place the larger (10#) SandBell on the platform beneath you. This will cushion your spine as you drop your tailbone and sit down. Take the two smaller (4#) SandBells in your hands. Take a claw grip and grasp the sand, not just the colorful outside rim or the neoprene material with no sand. Sit down on the larger SandBell beneath you then extend your legs. Draw your legs back in beneath you and get up! To intensify, propel yourself up through a vertical leap.

Muscles Targeted: Glutes, Quadriceps, Adductors, Core


Embrace the larger SandBell around your chest. Step in front of your platform, and prop one foot onto the bench. Drop down through the split squat, and momentarily hold the lowest position to make sure that your knee is positioned directly over the ankle. If it is not, make a quick adjustment. Rise to the top, set your balance. Pulse 3x at the bottom of the split squat then either lift like a pendulum or kick back to assume Warrior C (a.k.a. Warrior 3) pose.   Ideally, in Warrior C, your body will be parallel to the ground and ceiling. Your balancing leg will be perpendicular to the floor and your body while holding Warrior C. Next, safely return your back leg to the platform and resume your torso to upright, erect posture. Repeat! Once you have achieved volitional fatigue on that side, switch legs and perform equal repetitions on the other side.

Muscles Targeted: Glutes, Hamstrings, Erector Spinae, Core


With a double claw grip, hold the larger SandBell high towards the sky. Stand high on your tippy toes, stretching your body as long as possible. Next, powerfully slam the SandBell down, as if trying to drive a hole through the ground. Place your hands on the floor underneath your shoulders. Jump or step your legs back to high plank position. From plank, jump your feet forward, outside of your hands. Jump or step back to plank. Jump or step your feet back in, embrace the SandBell with double claw grip, stand up and repeat!

Muscles Targeted: Glutes, Psoas, Quadriceps, Lats, Deltoids, Core


Stand behind your platform with no additional equipment (unless you’d like to intensify, in which case, slide on a Hyper Vest Pro weighted vest!). Be certain that your platform is sturdy and stable! Be sure that it can support more than your body weight. It needs to be on firm, flat, even, non-slippery ground. Stand approximately 2-feet behind the platform. Swing your arms back to prep, then explosively jump up and land in squat position on top of your platform. Jump off of the platform, back down to the ground. When you land on either surface, approach toe-to-heel, soften your knees, and drop into squat. While in flight, which is in-between landings, try to extend at all joints so that your body is erect during the transitions. It will be much more challenging on your quadriceps and glutes to perform your box jumps in this fashion. However, if you are accustomed to doing plyo box jumps without concentrating on extension during flight, the box you typically use may be too high for this version of box jumps. Approximately 18-inches should be an appropriate height for most women for this exercise.

Muscles Targeted: Glutes, Quadriceps, Core

After completing one set, take a brief recovery. Eventually, you’ll shoot for 20 Up/Downs, 20 Right Bulgarian Split Squats, 20 Left Bulgarian Split Squats, 20 SandBell SLAMS with Hiccups, and 20 Box Jumps within the first circuit. Modify the volume, as needed, to meet your current abilities. After the brief break, repeat twice more! That is “Mommy’s Guide to a Better Butt!”

Note: It’s a good idea to give your muscles 48-hours of recovery between days of performing this workout. Feel free to do other cardio or work in upper body strength exercises (that’s a GREAT idea), but you will get the most out of this glute-focused workout if you allow (minimum) 24 and, ideally, 48-hours in-between bouts of performing this workout. Check here to learn more fitness tips for SandBell workouts.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Brook Benten is President of Cardiopump™ Fitness, LLC. She possesses a Master of Education in Physical Education with emphasis in Sport and Fitness Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sport Science. Her certifications include ACSM Health and Fitness Specialist, ACE personal trainer, and StrongFirst Girya II kettlebell instructor. She was a 2012 finalist for Personal Fitness Professional’s “Personal Trainer of the Year.”

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