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weight vest for running

Weight Vest for Running | Olympic Marathon Hopeful Andrea Duke

Meet 2016 U.S. Olympic Marathon hopeful Andrea Duke

How she uses a weight vest for running

Andrea competes on Saturday February 13th, 2016 for the U.S. Olympic Marathon Team in Los Angeles, CA. Andrea lives with her two children in San Antonio, TX and recently sat down with Hyperwear to talk about her training and the upcoming U.S. Olympic trials. We met Andrea when we discovered she was using our weight vest for running.

Q: When did you start running?

Andrea Duke: I found my love of running at a very young age, about 6-7 years old when I used to run around the neighborhood with my father, a retired colonel. I then ran for fun in HS and college. I only got into marathons when I was in graduate school at Georgetown University.

weight vest for running

Olympic marathon hopeful Andrea Duke with Father

Q: How did you get into long distance?

Andrea Duke: I needed a stress reliever from working at The Pentagon very soon after 9/11 so my advisor recommended I think about running a marathon. I trained for my first marathon race, which was on March 23, 2002 with my father.

Q: How does it feel now to be in such an elite category?

Andrea Duke: It is still so new to me, it’s not even been 2 years, so I am learning a lot each day. It’s an incredible honor to participate in races and be in the same category as women I watched over the years. I have to frequently remind myself that I am an elite and that I did put in the work to get where I am. It’s a true blessing.

Q: You are 1 Week away from the U.S. Olympic Trials. How do you feel?

Andrea Duke: I’m definitely nervous, as it’s been 10 months since my last marathon. But I’m also extremely excited to get to LA, as the Olympic Trials event will be a running spectacle.

Q: After the Olympic Trials you are transitioning from distance running to OCR. Why?

Andrea Duke: I need a new challenge, a new life after the Olympic Trials. I’ve been running marathons for almost 14 years and want a break from the road running world. I will miss it, and will keep training with my running coach. I’ll run a select few road races, but I need something new. Something FUN!

Q: You recently started training with the Hyper Vest PRO. How do you like it?

Andrea Duke: My boyfriend, Jason, gave me the Hyper Vest PRO as a Christmas gift to use as a weight vest for running. He knew of my upcoming OCR training switch-a-roo after the Trials and he has one also that he uses for weight vest running. I use it not only to strengthen my body but also to increase endurance. I do lots of body weight strength exercises along with hill incline walks. The adding the weight vest for running allows me to “fake” my body out and make it work harder. The perceived effort also helps in strength and endurance, allowing me to perform harder.

Q: When the going gets tough how do you dig deep?

Andrea Duke: I think about the people in my life who have struggled way more than me. I also think about how I’d feel when the race is over if I didn’t leave it all out there. I need to cross the finish line proud of my race and the effort I gave.

weighted vest for running

Andrea Duke running in Hyper Vest PRO weight vest

Q: What do you eat and/or drink during training? 

Andrea Duke: I like to get my fuel from liquids. I have switched to UCAN about a year ago and have relied on that for all my pre-race runs. With two scoops, I can last a marathon without any gels or snacks.

Q: What’s your recovery strategy?

Andrea Duke: I stretch some (I should do more, GUILTY!). I use the Roll Recovery for at-home massage and visit a massage therapist about 2x a week. I also do Cryotherapy when I need the extra recovery help.

Q: Favorite running shoe?

Andrea Duke: I’m obsessed with Hoka One One for their lightweight feel yet incredible cushion and support.

Q: Favorite race?

Andrea Duke: Disney Marathon. Running through the parks with all the characters on the course = MAGICAL

Q: Favorite training location?

Andrea Duke: My parents’ house in Colorado. I crave going there for training. We visit 2-3 times a year, and I’m in heaven when running there.

Q: Favorite recovery food?

Andrea Duke: Pizza and some beer!


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