Battle Rope Exercises with a SandRope™

Battle Rope Exercises with a SandRope

Using battle ropes is a fantastic workout but battle rope exercises are very limited in variety due to the ropes being anchored and taking up tons of space. The SandRope was created to allow lots of creative uses without anchoring. By being heavy and short, the SandRope training rope can also be used in a small space. Many of the exercises that are done with a fitness rope work without being attached. The far end of the SandRope will flail around during the movement creating an even greater core stabilization challenge.

Top 10 SandRope battle rope exercises video

Hyperwear's youtube channel has a playlist for the SandRope with free workout videos. We will update the playlist with our content and with workouts created by others. To launch the SandRope we created battle rope exercises that show how this amazing new free weight can be used in a small group workout session. Hyperwear Master Trainer, Britny Fowler, created ten exercises and included a bonus SandRope infinity rope climb exercise in this first ever SandRope workout video How to Anchor a SandRope Battle Rope When you use a SandRope anchored, it is important to only use the Hyperwear provided anchor. Our webbing is elastic giving you better response and feel plus longer product life. Always use a safe and secure anchor and never allow the webbing to travel up and down against the leg of a rack or a post. Friction will cut the webbing and this is not covered by your warranty. Use a fixed point. Repeated use of the SandRope in one direction anchored will cause sand to shift away from you. This can leave you with nothing but neoprene to grip. There is no harm to the SandRope if you grip neoprene, but if you prefer the feel of a good sand-filled grip, just wrap the provided three inch elastic collar about 1 1/2 feet from the end of the SandRope and secure with the velcro as shown in the photo

Note: Hyperwear as discontinued the SandRope and replaced it with the more advanced flexible metal core Hyper Rope battle rope.