Home Gym Workout Routine- 12 Days of Fitness

To celebrate Christmas, a new year and a new decade, we're gifting you a brand new home gym workout routine- the 12 Days of Fitness. The transition between the end of December and the start of January represents the biggest spike in fitness goals and activity, year in and year out. Getting into shape regularly ranks as one of America's top new year's resolutions. Thus everyone gets ambitious, motivated and gets serious about putting their fitness gifts to good use. Whether there are 12 signs in the zodiac, 12 months in the year, or 12 days of Christmas, twelve seems to be an attractive number. So we decided to tack onto the popularity of a dozen, and give you a home gym workout routine with 12 unique workouts.


See You in February

Due to new year's fitness resolutions, January always, ALWAYS jump starts gym businesses the country over, with a surge of memberships. By February, most dreams fade to black. Many resolution seekers fail by the second Thursday in February, which in the past has been called, "fall off the wagon day." To make sure you stick to it, form a new habit, and keep going to the gym in February, we called upon Jeremy Shore, one of our favorite, local, fitness experts. Please virtually meet Jeremy, and thank him for creating this easy, home gym workout routine for all ages and fitness levels.
Jeremy Shore home gym workout routine Jeremy Shore
We all know the holidays pose unique, stressful challenges to your fitness goals. At almost every turn, we face a threat that wants to sabotage our efforts. Jeremy designed this home gym workout routine keeping that context in mind, by keeping the workout simple and straightforward. Each workout is guaranteed to burn calories and improve strength. All the workouts can be done in under 20 minutes, so you can squeeze a quick one into your schedule or string a few together for a more intense training session and full body burn.

Home Gym Workout Routine Preview

Jeremy chose to include some basic gear for the workouts: a weight vest, steelbell, sandbell and battle rope.

3 or 4 movements comprise each workout.


1. Weight Vest: Heisman, bear to kickthru (Breakdance), and double mountain climber to push up

bear to kickthru home gym workout routine Kickthru (Breakdance)
These 3 moves build athleticism by challenging your balance and coordination while strengthening your core and cardiovascular system. The Heisman builds athleticism by challenging your balance, coordination, and dynamic posture, with bonus glute work. The bear to kickthru works great for building core and shoulder stability while improving total body coordination. Adding the weight vest kicks up the core and chest engagement while getting your heart rate up, while doing the double mountain climber to push up.

2. Weight Vest: Push Ups, 1 leg hip raise, squat jacks

home gym workout routine push up Push up
This chest and glute crusher will give you a great chest pump while building hip strength and stability. The squat jacks also make it an awesome cardio workout. The push ups work your chest and strengthen your core, while the 1 leg hip raises build strong glutes and hip stability. The HyperVest takes moves like squat jacks to another level. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone by building leg strength and getting in a great cardiovascular workout.

3. Weight Vest: Skaters, high plank to alt toe touch, reverse planks

home gym workout routine skater Skater
This AMRAP style workout will challenge your shoulders, glutes and core while improving mobility and ramping up your heart rate.

4. Sandbell: Sandbell jack, Russian twist slam, slam to burpee

home gym workout routine Russian twist slam Russian twist slam
Shifting sand takes jacks, twists and slams to a whole new level. Pick a medium weight SandBell for this great arm, core, and cardio builder.

5. Steelbell or Sandbell: Glute bridge walk out, seated around the world, extended crunch, push up opener.

home gym workout routine seated around the world Seated around-the-world
This workout hits the core in 360 degrees. Your abs, obliques, glutes and hamstrings will be on fire.

6. Steelbell: Reverse lunge & rotate, elevated 1 arm row, clean squat press

home gym workout routine reverse lunge & rotate Reverse lunge & rotate
Push, pull and rotate. Grab a heavy Steelbell and strengthen your legs, lats and shoulders with this total body circuit.

7. Sandbell: Bear hug alt lateral lunge, 1/2 Turkish get up left, 1/2 Turkish get up right, reverse lunge with overhead triceps

home gym workout routine Turkish get up Turkish get up
Challenge your coordination and balance while strengthening your legs and core in multiple planes of movement. Your triceps will also thank you!

8. Steelbell: Wood chop slam right, wood chop slam left, bear crawl & drag, squat & press

home gym workout routine bear crawl & drag Bear crawl & drag
A powerful AMRAP workout to build leg, core and shoulder strength.

9. Steelbell: Waiter lunge to overhead press left, Waiter Lunge to overhead press right, bench dips, close grip curls

home gym workout routine waiter Waiter lunge to overhead press left
Challenge your shoulders, forearms, biceps and triceps with this arm building circuit workout.

10. Sandbell: Switch grabs, forearm curls, 1 arm snatch right, 1 arm snatch left

home gym workout routine grab Switch grabs
Strength begins with your grip. Grab a heavy sandbell and perform this circuit to build hand, forearm and shoulder endurance and strength.

11. Battle rope: Waves, jacks, wide feet whips (max effort to fatigue)

home gym workout routine jacks Jacks
Progressively ramp up the intensity with this HyperRope circuit workout. Practice grace and flow with your waves, elevate your heart rate with jacks, then power through a max effort round of whips to build stamina and overall athleticism.

12. Battle rope: Seated Russians, prone snakes, waves with alt lateral lunge

home gym workout routine battle rope waves Waves with alt lateral lunge

Throw a 20 lb or heavier sandbell at the bend in the rope to take advantage of some ground based core and shoulder exercises. Complete the circuit by adding some lateral movement to your waves.


Jeremy Shore, CSCS, Hyperwear Education Advisor, is a Fitness Education Advisor and global presenter who has worked with leading brands including Reebok, Runners World, Matrix, Dynamax Medicine Balls, Livestrong, Men's Health, Men's Journal and Trigger Point Performance. He’s the creator of the MX4 Group Training System, the Runner’s World RUN360 Training System, and host of the Men’s Health 15-Minute Workout and Muscle System Workout. Jeremy is also the founder of Strength To Serve, Inc, a 501c3 that mobilizes local fitness communities to do the heavy lifting for life saving nonprofits. Find Jeremy at Instagram, Strength to Serve, and LinkedIn.