Hyperwear News- We're On Timeout

The Hyperwear news we bring you today, is all too common during the coronavirus crisis. Mayor Steve Adler issued a "Stay at Home-Work Safe" order for Austin, Texas on March 24, 2020. The city of Austin and Travis county have extended the "stay at home" order until Friday, May 8. Although governor Greg Abbott is working on opening up the Texas' economy soon, with details to be determined. Thus, we're sad to say that Hyperwear has paused most business operations. This does NOT include online sales. Online sales will continue, albeit with delays. The forecast for the suspension of the majority of business activities runs through May 8th then maybe? We imagine this end date could change at any time and possibly be extended, given the chaotic circumstances. Certainties and solid info are hard to come by in the chaos. We're a little bit dejected, like most of you are. There are positive signs of the country starting to get a handle on the crisis. We're trying our best to manage the crisis too.

A Message from Dirk

The founder and CEO of Hyperwear, Dirk, shares the following Hyperwear news for all our customers, fans and followers: "In these most difficult of times, we wish all our customers and their families the best. At Hyperwear our first concern is the health and welfare of our team and our customers. Our dedicated team has managed to safely keep operating remotely and with skeleton staff to help the many customers who are now working out at home and want our gear. With the need for isolation and closing of gyms, it is important to enable people to keep up their fitness routines to boost their immunity and health. We will continue to make enabling your health our primary mission, and look forward with you to overcoming this terrible health crisis." Hyperwear news staff picture

We've Been Benched

Along with another 3.9 billion people around the world on lock down as of early April. Like many of you, we're eager to get back to business- the business of getting and staying healthy. We're going through a massive time of change and transformation. Although we hope to go back to our "normal lives," that place may no longer exist. Heck, even Dr. Fauci admits "we may never get back to normal." During a crisis, we get the chance to see through our formal, "normal" lives, and catch a glimpse at what really matters. In these interesting times, we gain perspective and realize our true values. Can anything highlight the importance of your health, as well as public health, as a global pandemic? How many times have we heard the phrase, "health, wealth and happiness"? After how many times did the phrase start sounding trite or cliche? Not any more. The irony isn't lost either. Sometimes it takes the worst to bring out the best. Like so many of you, we have mixed feelings. We know there's a lot of pain and suffering out there right now. On the other hand, what Hyperwear does, couldn't be any more vital than right now. We're all fighting this together. We feel it's a bit like a bucket brigade trying to put out a fire. We're handing you the buckets of water. You're throwing them on the fire. We may give you the tools and expertise, but you're the real heroes. We all have an individual responsibility to be healthy to ensure our collective survival. How easy is it to forget, that in one way or another, we're all connected? Until we can connect again physically, we have to be strong individually.
corona gym meme We hope when we can restart our lives, it's not like this.

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

During times of crisis, the chips are down for everyone. It's critical right now to have a steady dose of exercise or training in your life. Not only do we have to be healthy ourselves, but the people closest to us, literally and figuratively, rely on us to stay healthy too. But how? We're all getting barraged with chaos, things out of place, and schedules shattered. A crisis obliges us to improvise, adapt and overcome. Maybe the answer is doing yoga in your living room now. For someone else, it's cleaning the junk out of the garage to make some training space. The challenges are infinite. Find a way through them. Make your way around them. Discover resilience you never knew you had. Resilience is one of the most valuable and overlooked traits you can have.


Some Tools to Overcome?

In light of chaotic times and suddenly shifting habits, we're changing fast. Thankfully, we know more than we've ever known, and we have this amazing thing called the internet to share that knowledge. Thus, the fitness industry is doing quite a good job stepping up to the plate and giving people the tools to overcome. We've found a few good ones, like this article about best apps for workouts at home. Speaking of workouts, Louis Degnan, an exercise physiologist at the Princeton Longevity Center in New Jersey, offers these 3 easy ones for seniors. If you're concerned about your strength training at home, read on. Aaron Ausmus, USC strength and conditioning coach talks here about how to do home strength training during quarantine. Finally, Lifehacker did a nice piece on "How to Plan Your Strength Training When the Future is Uncertain."

More Hyperwear News TBD...

An uncertain future is an understatement at this point. We're eager to shed the cabin fever and get back to some semblance of a "normal" life. We want to get back to doing what we love, especially now that it has been given so much more meaning. As soon as we find out more, and get an idea of when we can open the doors for business again, we'll let you know the good Hyperwear news right here. In the meantime, we want to thank all of you, our fans, friends, and followers alike for your support and loyalty. Elbow bumps and foot taps to everyone. We hope you and your family stay safe, stay healthy and stay inspired. Don't let the crisis stop you from responding with your best. Thanks for reading everybody, have a great day until next time.