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What is a cooling vest?

Summer temperatures have the ability to ruin any workout plan. No matter how much you like training, 100 degree temperatures can hit you in the face and make you rethink everything. If you’re used to garage gym workouts, the heat can cause you to purchase a gym membership. If you like to run, say hello to treadmills. But what if there was another option? Cooling vests are the perfect solution for summertime smoldering! So what is a cooling vest anyway?


Cooling vests were created with the idea of lowering your core body temperature. However, with so many options on the market it can be difficult to figure out which one fits your specific needs. There are some that rapidly cool your temperature, whereas others are designed to help prevent your temperature from drastic increases in the first place. The key is looking at the freezing point for the vest. The lower the freezing point, the colder the vest. However, the higher the freezing point, the longer it will last in the sun. Let’s take a look at which vest is best for you based on your needs!


84 Degree Coolover; red Cooling Vest

  • Designed for extended use
  • Perfect for construction and landscaping
  • Great for police, firefighters and military personnel.
  • Ideal for fans of outdoor sporting events and concerts
  • Warmest option, but last the longest in the sun
  • Will last around 4-5 hours in the heat

75 Degree Coolover, white cooling vest

  • Mild temperature vest
  • Great for those who want to feel colder throughout the day
  • Used in motosports as well as professional soccer for reserves
  • Excellent for garage gym workouts 
  • Will last around 2-3 hours in the heat

44 Degree Coolover; orange Coolover

  • Coldest temperature
  • Exceptional for pre and post workout.
  • Rapid cooling
  • Designed for athletes 
  • Used by multiple professional sports leagues
  • Lasts about 30 Minutes in the heat


All Coolover cooling vests are safe to use either with skin-to-skin contact or with clothes in between. Obviously if you wear it skin-to-skin you will cool down more than if you have a layer in between. Throughout usage, you will see the packs begin to melt. As long as any part of it is still solid, the vest will be at the desired temperature. Once it has completely cooled, simply place it in an area colder than the temperature listed. This means that you should use a freezer or cooler for the 44 degree vest, whereas 75 and 84 can freeze in a cold home. For quicker freezes, you can also store in the cooler or freezer. 

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