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Top Rated Gear for Excelling in the MURPH Challenge

Discover the best gear for excelling in the MURPH Challenge, an intense fitness test requiring a mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats, and another mile run. Our guide highlights top-rated equipment for the challenge, including adjustable weighted vests for precise load matching, movement-friendly designs, and innovative cooling technologies. Learn about the advantages of Hyper Vest adjustable weighted vests and CoolOver personal cooling vests, designed to boost performance and recovery, enhancing your ability to achieve peak results in this demanding workout.
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Best MURPH Challenge Weight Vest and Pre Cooling Vest

The MURPH Challenge is a feat that tests the limits of even the most seasoned athletes.The MURPH WOD is a demanding workout consisting of a mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats, and finished with another mile run. Sounds difficult right? That is only part of the story. An official MURPH time requires doing the workout while wearing a weight vest of 20lbs (men) or 14lbs (women). Achieving your best time in this intense workout requires not only rigorous training but also the right gear and strategy. In this article, we explore the best gear for athletes looking to achieve the best possible performance in the MURPH Challenge. We look at ideal weighted vests with movement-friendly designs, and innovative cooling technologies.

MURPH Challenge Weight Vests

The most critical choice of equipment for the MURPH is the weighted vest. It’s vital that the vest allows for accurate loading to meet the specific weight requirements of the challenge—20 pounds for men and 14 pounds for women. Adjustable weighted vests are particularly beneficial as they can be tailored to individual needs and training stages.

Hyper Vest Adjustable Weighted Vests are renowned for their comfort and flexibility. These vests feature a sleek design that hugs the body, ensuring minimal movement and chafing during high-intensity activities. The weight is easily adjustable, allowing athletes to train at lower weights and gradually increase to meet MURPH standards or even exceed them to push their limits.

Hyper Vest ELITE adjustable weighted vests

Weighted Vests That Perform Best With Movement

When training for the MURPH, the ability to move freely and comfortably while wearing a weighted vest is crucial. Vests that maintain stability and don’t bounce during vigorous activities like running or jumping are ideal. Hyper Vest’s products are designed with a secure fit that moves with the body, making them perfect for dynamic exercises. They distribute weight evenly, preventing any imbalance or shift that could alter performance.

Cooling Vests for the MURPH Challenge

With the two one mile runs, you will be outdoors for most if not all of the time you are doing MURPH. Not to mention most CrossFit boxes are not air conditioned and the challenge is wildly popular with the community. Using tools to pre-cool your body temperature just before a MURPH is a big advantage when it is hot and humid. Studies show that pre-cooling with an ice vest provides a performance advantage by reducing the onset of heat-induced fatigue. It works by cooling your core temperature and reducing respiration during your warm up and the start of the WOD. Cool you body for at least 30 minutes just before the start. 

CoolOver™ cooling vests are the ideal gear for pre-cooling. The orange version is 44F and can be worn before the event to lower body temperature. The bio-based phase change cooling material is not impacted by humidity. It does not rely on evaporative cooling. It performs no matter how high the relative humidity.  CoolOver vests are also effective for recovery after MURPH. By stabilizing core temperature, these cooling vests help athletes maintain higher performance levels for longer and recover faster.

Better Weight Plates for MURPH: Flexible Adjustable Weight Plates

Many who take on MURPH with the 20lb or 14lb rucking weight standard already own a plate carrier tactical weight vest like those from 5.11 used at the CrossFit Games. Hyperwear Flexible Adjustable Weight Plates provide a better option than solid metal plates used in tactical weight vests. These plates are designed to fit into a variety of vest brands and are adjustable in half pound increments, allowing users to accurately adjust the weight of the vest to hit the MURPH requirement for weighted vests. For example, a tactical weight vest can weigh 2 to 3 lbs when empty - a significant disadvantage if your goal is maximizing your time. Hyperwear weight vest plates also flex to conform to your body for a better fit and stability during the workout.

A Final Word on MURPH Goals

To excel in the MURPH Challenge, equipping yourself with the best gear is as important as the your training preparation. Hyper Vest weighted vests stand out for their performance and fit, ensuring they stay secure during all aspects of the workout. Alec Blenis set a world record MURPH time of 32 minutes and 41 seconds wearing a Hyper Vest ELITE in 2021. (Read his post about the world record MURPH for great tips on training and strategy.) The following year he used the Hyper Vest TAC heavy weight vest. He nearly bettered his record time in horribly hot and humid conditions the following year, but did not have Hyperwear’s new CoolOver which just launched in 2024. With Hyperwear’s top-rated gear, athletes can look forward to achieving new personal bests in the MURPH Challenge. Always keep the perspective that by doing MURPH we honor Lieutenant Michael Murphy, who was killed in Afghanistan in 2005. You win by giving your best effort.