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Hyper Vest® PRO “Editor's Choice" Best Weighted Vest Men's Health Magazine 2024

Hyper Vest® ELITE "Gear of the Year" Award Men's Health Magazine 2018

Hyper Vest® FIT "Best Weighted Vest for Women" Gear Patrol Reviews 2023

Hyper Vest® TAC "Best Heavy Weight Vest" Men's Health Home Gym Awards 2023

“Hyper Vests are the most comfortable weight vests for cardio and endurance, I hardly know it’s there!”

Steven Kotler: NY Times Bestselling Author & Peak Performance Expert



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image of three athlete models posing wearing the Hyper Vest ELITE weight vest picture of a female fitness model zipping her Hyper Vest ELITE vest
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Picture of a male CrossFit athlete standing in a CrossFit box wearing a heavy weight vest HyperwearHyper Vest TAC Heavy Weight Vest - Includes Weight Vest PlatesWeight Vest
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image of a woman modeling the hyper vest FIT weighted vest for women image of a female athlete modeling the Hyper Vest FIT women's weight vest at her gym
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A similing female fitness model is seen wearing a hyper vest pro weight vest with the zipper halfway down Picture of a woman in a gym in front of a dumbbell rack doing a squat with a hyper vest pro to ad to the bodyweight training benefits
HyperwearAdjustable Rucking Weights for Intense Training - HyperwearWeight Plates HyperwearHyperwear Adjustable Flexible Rucking WeightsWeight Plates
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Limited Edition Rhone Tee
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Hyperwear Wrist and Ankle Weights
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Hyperwear3 lbs for FIT model onlyWeight Vest Weights Hyperwear3 lbs for FIT model onlyWeight Vest Weights
3 lbs for FIT model only
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Hyper Vest® 5 lbs Weighted Vest Weights for PRO or ELITE Model HyperwearHyper Vest® 5 lbs Weighted Vest Weights for PRO or ELITE ModelWeight Vest Weights
An woman walks her bulldog down a city street while wearing a grey hyper vest fit weighted vest for women to build bone density


Hyperwear brought the patented control-stretch Hyper Vest weighted vests to market beginning with the Hyper Vest PRO for men and women over a decade ago. With exceptional USA made 100% stretch fabric and super thin profile, Men’s Health named it the “Best Weighted Vest.” Today the Hyper Vest line of weight adjustable training weight vests includes the sleek black uni-sex Hyper Vest ELITE and women’s Hyper Vest FIT weighted vest made with durable CORDURA® fabric. The heavy 40lb capacity Hyper Vest TAC adjustable weighted vest is the only plate carrier weight vest with adjustable weight and flexible weight vest plates for intense cardio endurance training and rucking. Weighted clothing taxes the cardiovascular system and engages the entire core, improving overall performance, speed, endurance, and strength training. Hyper Vest strength training weight vests feature adjustable weights for progressive loading – the right way to build strength.



  • Featuring durable CORDURA® odor resistant fabric, front zipper, elastic side cords, steel weights included
  • Designed for high-intensity cardio endurance exercise, running and functional training
  • Thin weight vest for full range of motion, and highly adjustable fit so the vest will not bounce or restrict your movement
  • 15-25 lbs max capacity size depending
  • Best for high intensity regular use


  • Weighted vest for women, ideal for exercise and osteoporosis
  • Adjustable from 1/2 lb to 10 lbs, front zipper, elastic side cords, attractive and comfortable fit 
  • Fitted weight vest for women to add strength training and weight loss benefits to a walk, hike, workout or everyday activities
  • Best for women and medium-high intensity use


  • Best blend of slim, thin weight vest fit and heavy weight designed for all fitness needs
  • Includes 10lbs of steel weights
  • Original patented side cords, breathable performance stretch USA fabric, and front zipper for full range of motion in any workout
  • Best for intermittent light intensity use


  • Up to 40 lbs for Weighted Vest Workouts, Strength Training and Rucking
  • Patent pending flexible adjustable weight vest plates for comfort and performance
  • Price includes weight vest and ruck plates filled with 1/2 lb weights made with 100% recycled USA steel shot
  • Ruck plates also fit Hyper Ruck rucking backpack

image of male fitness model doing a pull up while wearing black hyper vest elite weight vest


All Hyper Vest weighted vests share exceptional quality and design. Side lacing and open sides for cooling started with the Hyper Vest PRO. One–way stretch fabric and flexible weight plates allow our weighted vests to overload your core without compromising movement. All Hyper Vest weighted vests are fully weight adjustable in small increments. The PRO, ELITE and FIT have front zippers for long life. All are designed in the USA – the PRO uses USA fabric, the FIT and TAC models are Made in the USA with 100% USA recycled steel shot reducing the carbon footprint.


Weighted Vests

Adding a weighted vest when you walk increases the load on your body turning a low intensity exercise into a weighted vest workout. You get the impact of weighted clothing increasing your work rate making it harder to walk at the same speed for the same time if you did not wear a weight vest. Weighted vests have also been proven to build bone density while walking for people who have osteopenia or osteoporosis. Read more.

It depends on which weighted vests you workout with. Generally, the best weight vest schedule would use intervals that are short in duration but produce desired results. Include recovery intervals without the vest. The amount of weight you are wearing and the workout are key variables. The answer is different if you are an athlete developing a weighted vest workout plan, a runner working on speed and endurance, or a walker wanting to increase bone density. The answer is different if you have an adjustable weighted vest so that you can vary the load. For example, the best weighted vest workout plan for a marathon runner would be using an adjustable weight vest for hill repeat intervals gradually adding up to 10% of body weight at a time and increasing the length of time the intervals are repeated. Hyperwear is always available to help with specific questions about using a weight vest.

Yes, you can build muscle with weighted vests. Any added resistance during a workout puts additional stress on your body forcing your muscles to work harder. Even a simple mini band elastic improves bodyweight exercise results. By zipping into a weighted vest your muscles work even harder with the added strain. Using an adjustable weight vest is even more effective to build muscle since the load can be increased over time for the same reason dumbbells come in different weights. The best weighted vests are designed with a zipper to make it easy to quickly add and remove a load during your workout. Read more

Think about a bodyweight workout compared to a weighted vest workout that adds 10 or 20 lbs to your torso. Well designed weight vests hug your upper body and shoulders to distribute an extra load that works your core muscles, diaphragm and deep intercostals hard. Your respiratory muscles are taxed bringing you increased cardio strength benefits in the same time. The Hyper Vest® weighted vests by Hyperwear were patented to be elastic in only one plane – horizontal. They allow your chest to press against that elastic resistance while breathing for an added benefit. Other weighted training vests hang almost all the weight from your shoulders and bounce around.

Considering buying a weight vest but confused about how much weight you should use? The best advice is about 10-15 percent of your body weight. Exercise scientist’s research on weighted training vests have focused on 4 to 10 percent of body weight. There are a wide variety of available weights and you can find a weight vest for men with loads up to 150lbs. Exceeding 10-15% of body weight is useful for endurance and weight loss while rucking and hiking, and for strength training for firefighters, military and police. Look carefully at design too. The best weight vest for functional training is not going to be the best weighted vest for running. Single large flat weight plate vests may work to add weight while doing olympic lifts, but a vest that is flexible to hug your core is better for cardio and movement like muscle-ups and running. Planning on doing the hero WOD MURPH? You need a 20lb weight vest for men and a 14lb weight vest for women.
PRO ELITE LOADING: https://youtu.be/JHWmTO57xuU?si=tkTl0dT588VwC1ys
FIT LOADING: https://youtu.be/0hHqmCylRAw?si=nB1rXukArLc6iDb3