Tips to Master CG Games Competition: CG Games SandBell Training

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The Camp Gladiator CG Games SandBell Training | prelims are coming!

CG Games prelims start this weekend with 2 consecutive weekends of muscle burning events where athletes will compete for a position in the CG Games on November 18th. We talked with Camp Gladiator trainer Joel Hagaman about the top tips for mastering the CG Games competition for prelims and beyond.

CG Games preliminary events will test your endurance, strength, agility and more! If you are gearing up for competition or just looking to enhance your fitness, grab a SandBell and check out Joel's top CG Games SandBell training tips below. #riseabove
Check out Joel's Speed & Strength! Check out Joel's speed & strength pushing a weighted sled in a Hyper Vest PRO weight vest. How did he get so strong and fast? CG Games 2016 competition

Endurance Event

SandBell CG Games Thrusters. For SandBell thrusters campers are encouraged to keep a wide stance at least the width of the Camp Gladiator mat. This stance decreases the range covered and offers a more efficient movement while increasing speed and rep count.
CG SandBell SandBell CG Games Thruster with wide stance for optimal speed and efficiency. CG Games 2016 competition
400M SandBell Run. For the SandBell Run athletes should carry the SandBell however they feel most comfortable. Joel's preferred position is to carry the SandBell on one shoulder allowing for the other arm to drive the body forward. Get used to running with extra weight. Whether that is with a Hyperwear Hyper Vest PRO weight vest or a 15-20 lb SandBell. Running with extra weight forces your body to adjust to new and heavier demands making you faster and able to sustain longer efforts.
Running with a SandBell at Camp Gladiator CG Games Run run as fast as you SandBell can. CG Games 2016 competition

Strength & Agility

Footwork speed and SandBell toss are two of Joel's favorite drills to prepare campers for Prelims & CG Games. For enhanced footwork speed Joel coaches the LINE TOUCH drill. Each camper chooses a parking space and starts on one of the white lines in an athletic/prepared position. On the whistle, campers will shuffle the width of the parking spot touching his or her hand to the line for as many reps as possible in 20 seconds. This builds coordination, agility and explosive power, not to mention it makes you quick on your feet.
SandBell carry & toss with Camp Gladiator Carry, run, toss & repeat. CG Games 2016 competition
Next up is the FETCH drill. Campers pair up and camper one tosses the SandBell anywhere they want. Upon release, camper two chases the SandBell down and returns it to camper one. Effectively playing fetch with each other and building explosive power and agility. After 5 tosses the campers switch positions. This can be played in pairs or alone but this exercise helps prepare campers for efficiently grabbing the SandBell and moving it forward in the competition.


This challenge is all about speed, recovery, and repetition. The key to the reverse bear crawl is to perform sprinting and back pedaling techniques efficiently. Joel's trainer tip on performing the bear crawl is similar to performing a back pedal- you want to reach with every step you take in the bear crawl while forcefully pushing the ground away with the opposing hand. This is an explosive full body movement made more efficient by the body pushing off the ground with force. Work on coordination and ground movements to dominate this challenge.
CG Games SandBell training An explosive SandBell toss requires speed, strength & power. CG Games 2016 competition

Peak Challenge

Bear crawl with weight bag. There is nothing easy about this move. It is a full body exercise that involves strength, power, and speed. To prepare start pulling sleds, tires, bags and anything you can get your hands on that replicates the sandbag bear crawl. Choose a wider stance with the bear crawl to engage the glutes offering more relief from the stress on your quads. Use these tips from Camp Gladiator trainer Joel and be sure to enhance your speed, strength, agility and endurance on and off the competition field. We look forward to seeing you out there! #riseabove For other SandBell workouts check out: SandBell AMRAP SandBell Quick Body Blast SandBell Loaded Carries Got your SandBell? Check out the CG Store for CG logo SandBells or buy the Hyperwear SandBell here.