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Action photo of woman doing unanchored battle rope waves in 6 feet of space A group is pictured in a crossfit or garage gym using a hyper rope weighted battle rope in a small space
Hyper Rope Weighted Battle Ropes
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HyperwearHyper Rope®: Heaviest Weighted Jump Rope for Intense Training - HyperwearJump Rope HyperwearHyper Rope®: Heaviest Weighted Jump Rope for Intense Training - HyperwearJump Rope


Battle ropes are long heavy ropes that are used to build strength and cardio fitness, usually through high-intensity interval training. The Hyper Rope has a heavy-weighted metal core that provides equal benefit in a shorter and more portable form so you can perform battle rope training in smaller spaces and at home.

Low-impact Hyper Rope battle ropes add a new dimension to your weighted rope training. It is a part of the Hyperwear system of weighted jump ropes and battle ropes. The shortened length reduces torque on shoulder joints and tailors itself to almost any space you can put it in. By reducing the training impact, the Hyper Rope is effective for diverse training groups and demographics, like active aging and rehab/therapy patients. Besides that, this battle rope makes a nice pairing with any garage gym or partner training application. Men’s Health called it the Best Home Gym Battle Rope and Best Cardio Tool in its 2022 and 2023 Home Gym Awards.



Battle rope exercises are known for their efficiency and battle ropes are used as an effective tool in HIIT workouts.

The weight of the unanchored Hyper Rope will help you improve your cardiovascular capacity and strength in short intervals with rest in between.


Using a weighted battle rope like the Hyper Rope elevates your heart rate and burns calories without taxing large joints like your knees and hips.

You can use the workout rope to add weight to traditional exercises like shoulder presses and crunches as well.


The Hyper Rope’s unique weighted core eliminates the need for a large bulky rope and an anchor point.

You can take your heavy rope with you wherever you go, and use it in small spaces like a home gym or garage gym to burn fat and build strength.


What are the benefits of exercising with a battle rope?

Exercising with a battle rope can have many benefits for your physical and mental health. Benefits include:

Improves cardiovascular endurance: Battle ropes are a high-intensity exercise that can improve your cardiovascular endurance. By performing exercises with a battle rope, you can increase your heart rate, which can help improve your overall cardiovascular fitness.

Increases strength and power: Battle ropes are a great way to improve your upper and lower body strength. The resistance provided by the ropes can help you build muscle and increase your power.

Increases coordination and balance: Battle ropes require a lot of coordination and balance. By using a battle rope, you can improve these skills and become more agile.

Increases mental focus: Battle ropes are a great way to improve your mental focus. The fast-paced, high-intensity nature of the exercise requires you to concentrate and stay focused in order to perform the movements correctly.

Provides a full-body workout: Battle ropes are a great way to get a full-body workout. The exercises involve both the upper and lower body, as well as the core, making it a great all-around exercise for improving overall fitness.

Can be done anywhere: Hyper Rope battle ropes are portable and do not need a battle rope anchor, so you can take them with you wherever you go. This means you can get a workout in even if you’re traveling or don’t have access to a gym.

Can be customized to your fitness level: Battle ropes can be customized to your fitness level by adjusting the intensity and duration of your workouts. This means that they are suitable for people of all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced athletes.


Battle Ropes

Workout ropes work your entire body but putting muscles from your hands to your toes under tension in a low impact yet high-intensity modality. During training with a battle rope you will generate force to make waves and or slam the rope on the ground with intensity. The muscles used most in battle rope exercises are in the upper body, shoulder muscles, rhomboids, deltoids, back muscles, core, forearms, wrists and grip. While typical battle rope exercises are done with an anchored rope limiting the use of the lower body and legs, the unanchored, short and heavy Hyper Rope allows an athlete to add a lot of lunges, skaters and transverse movements. This gets your hips, legs and glutes fired up and burning. Not to be overlooked is the cardio strength benefit of the whole body exercises you can do – especially with the additional freedom of movement patterns of the Hyper Rope. Exercise science has documented the unrivaled cardio benefits of battle rope and jump rope training. And rope fitness is low impact – a great way to get your heart rate up without the pounding of running. Read more.

Battle ropes vary in weight and it depends on how much space you have available to train. The Hyper Rope allows you to get maximum intensity in smaller space than typical battle ropes. You can pack the wallop of a 50ft 2in battle rope in a 15 pound or 19 pound Hyper Rope. Train with a traditional battle rope that is anchored and only a small part of the weight of the rope is off the ground at any given time. With an unanchored battle rope like the Hyper Rope you can get the whole weight of the rope off the ground. Many fans of battling ropes find the Hyper Rope even more challenging. The Hyper Rope ELITE gives you the heaviest battle rope experience.

Battle ropes can be a very effective tool for burning fat throughout the body. Heavy rope exercises elevate your heart rate and also challenge your core to build strong abs. There is no proof that specific areas of fat accumulation like belly fat can be targeted by specific exercises. But the intense upper body and core workout from battle rope exercises build and sculpt your abs. Combined with the calorie burn that studies have shown to be equal to or better than running over a short duration, you will see results that burn belly fat. Read more

Battle rope training is a very effective method of burning calories. Ropes put your entire body under tension from head to toes and elevate your heart rate to trigger calorie and fat burning. A research study found that just a short ten minute battle rope workout burned 112 calories on average. The calorie blasting workout was high intensity intervals with 15 seconds of all out work followed by 45 seconds of rest. The 11 participants worked a total of 2 1/2 minutes of the 10 minute battle ropes session. The study used typical anchored battle ropes and not the higher intensity full-body Hyper Rope that allows for more movement. The results of the small study were published in the prestigious Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

The Hyper Rope is not a “rope” and it does not need a battle rope anchor. It has multiple layers of polyester braided over a core of metal weights to create a short heavy rope. A Hyper Rope is heavy and dense and offers a greater variety of exercise movements since you are not limited by needing a lot of space and a strong anchoring point. Because normal rope is lightweight, battle rope training uses very long and thick rope to create heavy resistance. Anchoring to a squat rack or to a wall anchor designed for a battle rope is a must to create more resistance. An anchor also is needed to control battle ropes which are very long. The most popular lengths are 40 ft to 50 ft of 1.5in to 2in rope. Anchoring a Hyper Rope will not only limit its training benefits, damage can be caused to the middle of the rope that is not covered by your two year Hyper Rope warranty.