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Adjustable Weights

Discover our range of adjustable weights including kettlebells, dumbbells, and barbells, designed for customizable and safe workouts at home or the gym

  • Filled with Sustainably Sourced USA Sand and Recycled Steel Shot
  • "Best Indoor Dumbbell" Men's Health 2023 Award



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Product image of Hyperwear adjustable soft kettlebell HyperwearSoftBell Adjustable Soft KettleBellKettlebell
SoftBell Adjustable Soft KettleBell
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HyperwearSoftBell Cardio Barbell Weight SetBarbell
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HyperwearSoftBell Home Gym SetDumbbells HyperwearSoftBell Home Gym SetDumbbells
SoftBell Home Gym Set
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HyperwearSoftBell HandlesDumbbell Handles HyperwearSoftBell HandlesDumbbell Handles
SoftBell Handles
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Picture of a woman at home working out with a SoftBell barbell part of the adjustable weight system for home gyms from hyperwear

Adjustable Weights for Versatile Strength Training

Elevate your strength training experience with the patented safe strength training system for all ages, the ultimate value in adjustable weights. Easy to adjust and safe for all surfaces, these weights are perfect

SoftBell plates can be used as hand weights or with our dumbbell, kettlebell and barbell handles


  • ECO-FRIENDLY CORE Filled with locally sourced sand or 100% recycled USA steel shot for a sustainable workout
  • VERSATILE USE Easily attachable to SoftBell bars for a customizable free weight experience.
  • SAFE & SOFT Designed to minimize the risk of injury and damage to floors.


  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN Soft exterior ensures a comfortable grip for swings, lifts, and squats.
  • QUICK CHANGE Easily switch weights for a versatile and dynamic workout.
  • COMPACT & PORTABLE Ideal for home gyms and easy to transport for workouts on-the-go.


  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE Customize your weight for targeted strength training and muscle building.
  • SOFT EXTERIOR Provides a safe and comfortable grip, reducing the risk of dropping.
  • SPACE-SAVING Eliminate the need for multiple dumbbells with this all-in-one solution.


  • MULT-FUNCTIONAL Ideal for classic barbell exercises as well as functional training.
  • USER-FRIENDLY Soft design minimizes the risk of injury and is easy on your home surfaces.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY Quickly attach or detach SoftBell Plates for a seamless workout experience.

Image of a woman using her hyperwear adjustable weight soft kettlebell at home

Easy to adjust for endless training possibilities

Unlock endless training possibilities wether you're targeting strength, core, or balance, our easy-change plates make it simple to tailor your workout. From dumbbells to kettlebells and barbells, enjoy the flexibility to mix up your workout like never before.


Adjustable Weights

Hyperwear's SoftBell system stands out because it offers soft weight plates, adjustable dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbells—all in one interchangeable system. This makes for a highly versatile, safe, quiet and space-saving adjustable weight solution for your workouts. Read more.

Adjusting weights on the SoftBell system is a breeze. Simply un-screw the end bolts and swap out the soft weight plates on the dumbbells or kettlebells to suit your fitness level. It's quick, secure, and easy to manage. Plates are not compatible or sized for metal bars.

Yes, the SoftBell system caters to all fitness levels and ages. Ideal safe weights for physical education in schools and active adults. Whether you're a beginner or advanced, the wide range of weight options lets you customize your workout to match your ability. Read more

Absolutely! Hyperwear's SoftBell system uses soft weight plates, reducing the risk of injury or damage to your floors—making it an excellent choice for home workouts with adjustable weights. Safe around your children or have them join in!

Maintenance is simple. Wipe your SoftBell adjustable weights and bars using a damp towel, and air-dry them to keep them in top condition. Safe for mild disinfectants. Our products are built for durability, ensuring long-lasting performance