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7 Biggest Benefits of Weighted Vest Training

Weighted vests have gained popularity, with everyone from actors to professional athletes using them in their training sessions. Weight vests are a great way to level up any training routine due to their versatility and ease of use. In fact, whether you are looking to run faster or simply want to lose a few extra pounds, the benefits of weighted vest training can make a drastic difference.

For any who are skeptical about using a weighted vest, think about it this way. If you were 10 pounds heavier than you are now, what would your workouts look like? What about 20 pounds? You can imagine how much harder it would be to complete the same exercises that you are currently doing. The nice part about a vest though, is you can lose that extra 10 or 20 pounds in a few seconds. So when your body gets too worn out it is a simple switch.

Weight vests do not simply make the workout “harder” however, as there are many more benefits associated with them. Looking to build muscle? A vest can help. Looking to lose weight? Yep, it can help there too. Looking to run faster? You guessed it, a weighted vest can help! There are so many benefits to using a vest, but today we narrowed our list down to the top 7 benefits of weighted vest training.

Benefits of Weighted Vest Training

One of the most common questions associated with purchasing a weighted vest is what are the benefits? Usually, a vest gets recommended by a friend who swears by them. But then you ask yourself, “will my workouts really improve that much from something so simple”? The answer is a resounding yes!

Although weighted vests are most commonly associated with workout junkies, they actually have benefits for everyone. And we do mean everyone. Grandmas and grandpas can use weighted vests for walking. Those looking to shred a few pounds will speed up the process with a weighted vest. The benefits for using a weight vest are numerous, so let’s take a look at the ones that will be most important to you!

1. Weighted Vest Training Builds More Muscle

For those looking to build more muscle, look no further than the weighted vest. Whether it be for pull-ups, push-ups or even a squat, overloading the body with a vest is sure to help you put on some muscle. Weight vests provide a safe way to overload exercises that otherwise could be dangerous to overload. One option to increase the difficulty of push-ups is by placing weight plates on top of the back, which can be dangerous due to weight shifting... However, a vest will prevent the weight from shifting and give the weight a form-fitting feel. For a vest with a snug fit, Garage Gym Reviews recommends the Hyper Vest Elite.

2. Weighted Vest Training Burns More Fat

One of the biggest benefits of weighted vest training is that it will help you burn more calories throughout your workout. Think of it this way: What is the most efficient way to burn calories? Lifting heavier weight and performing more challenging runs. This is actually a trick question in itself. To burn fat or stored energy, you will need to expend more energy than you consume. However, when one becomes efficient at using this energy, the body will expend less energy because it has become adapted to the process. The human body will use more energy in the short term to change itself in order to waste less energy in the long term. This is just an essential survival skill.

So how do we combat this instinctive survival skill? Exactly as mentioned before; lifting heavier and increasing the difficulty or intensity of training. The answers are self intuitive, but understanding how and why the body burns fat will make the difference in whether you see progress. Many people understand they need to make a workout harder to burn calories, but rarely do they think of using a weighted vest to accomplish this goal. Try adding a vest into your normal workout routine and you’ll notice an immediate difference.

It takes several weeks for your body to adapt to this stimulus (the weighted vest), which will benefit you by expending energy. However, for this same reason, it’s important to start slowly so as not to injure yourself. It’s a game of balance to add more weight to your vest to increase the difficulty, yet not too much weight to see a negative impact on your body. But if you keep at it you will shred those unwanted pounds in no time at all!

3. Healthier Cardiovascular System

The cardiovascular system is extremely important to your overall health. Having a weak system can put you at increased risks for heart attacks as well as other deadly issues. So how can you improve both your heart and lung function? General recommendations for improving your cardiovascular health are to run or walk more. Although these are easy tasks, you can increase their effectiveness by simply adding a weighted workout vest.

Think of walking uphill with a heavy backpack. You can feel how much harder it is to walk the hill with weight as opposed to walking without the weight. Of course the heavy backpack may be a cheaper option to use. Yet, having a weight placed on the back of the body over extended periods of time may increase the likelihood of injury and restrict breathing. With the vest, its design and placement over the body can allow for better breathing and posture while still placing demand on the user. The increased demand and strain on the body will help your heart work harder, leading to better results for your health.

4. Weighted Vest Training Improves Bone Strength

One of the lesser-known advantages of weighted vests is that they improve bone strength. Many of you might wonder why that matters. Increasing bone density and strength at a young age has been shown to help prevent osteoporosis later in life. In fact, weighted vests are extremely useful for those already suffering from osteoporosis. All three versions of the Hyper Vest provide a safe way to load the spine, helping those with minimal bone density recover what they have lost. So although weighted vests are most commonly advertised to high-level athletes, they have a place for the elderly population as well.

5. Increased Endurance

Being able to work out longer and harder is a goal for just about every exercise enthusiast. Whether you are a runner who wants to reach a new PR or a lifter who wants to spend more time in the gym, a weighted vest can help you get there. Learning to train with a vest on will help increase your endurance by having your body adjust to a different set point. By tricking the body to think it is heavier, your workouts on days you do not use the vest will feel much easier. This change will allow you to push yourself for a longer duration than you previously thought was possible.

6. Increased Strength

For those looking to get stronger in either sport or daily functions, a weighted vest is a great option. Getting used to carrying around 10-20 pounds of extra weight (that isn’t permanent and can be removed at any point), will really help you improve your overall strength. Think about it this way. If you are trying to jump higher, get used to jumping with 20 pounds on. That way, when you take off the vest your body is used to creating enough force to propel a much heavier person. This is a small trick to rapidly improve your vertical, which relies on strength and speed.

7. Strengthens Your Core

Looking to get shredded for the beach? Not only will you burn more calories with a weighted vest on, but you will also actually strengthen your abdominal muscles as well. Your core has to work harder to stabilize when resistance is added, making a weighted vest the perfect tool for strengthening your core. Try exercises such as hanging leg raises to target those hard-to-reach lower abdominals.

What to Consider When Adding Weighted Vest Training

With weighted vests gaining popularity over the last several years, you are probably interested in trying one! The benefits of adding this form of resistance are numerous, including everything from endurance and strength to bone density! Whether you are a beginner looking to shed a few pounds or an advanced athlete looking to take your workouts up a notch, a weighted vest is perfect for you! Hyperwear’s line of weighted vests will fit your needs perfectly, no matter your goal. So get out there and get moving!