Best Weighted Vest for Climbing

What is the Best Weighted Vest for Climbing?

Pamela Pack shares her weight vest training routine for Outside TV

Looking to strengthen muscles and increase stamina when scaling a mountain, inside or out? Amp up the intensity of climbing and cross training with rock climbing weighted vest training so you can increase gripping ability, full-body strength and flexibility. Pamela Pack has her choice for the best weighted vest for climbing. Pam goes with an adjustable weight vest that is thin and hugs the body to be sure that her center of gravity is not thrown off. Generally, a typical route at a comp takes four minutes or so—are you able to static-hang for that long? Most likely, no. Increasing a climber’s grip and forearm strength is the best way to improve climbing ability at any level. While the Hyper Vest is the best weighted vest for climbing, the SandBell® and SteelBell® are the most efficient and effective training tools to increase forearm, grip and shoulder strength, as well as for total body conditioning. Constructed from stretchy, durable neoprene bags and filled with sand or steel shot, the active movement of sand and steel challenge grip ability and work multiple arm and grip muscles. Exercises that require the user to grip into the bag will engage, work and strengthen gripping and arm muscles, as well as challenge the muscle groups activated during regular exercise execution. For an intense grip, forearm and core challenge take the Sand or SteelBell and stand in an athletic position, grip the outside of the bell with both hands, extend arms to shoulder height and move the bell in quick, shorts bursts left and right. Climbers can also improve dead point and smoothness with Sand and SteelBell exercises. To strengthen shoulders and grip muscles, replace dumbbells with SandBells when doing any type of arm raise or shoulder press. Gripping into the meat of the SandBell engages hand and grip muscles that are not activated with traditional dumbbells or kettlebells. Weight vest training in the Hyper Vest gives climbers the ability to add resistance during any type of training or exercise, whether in the gym or during real-time practice. The patented control design of the weight vest secures weights snugly to the core, and eliminates uncomfortable rubbing, slipping and shifting. Whether upside down, right side up, in the gym or on the mountain, the Hyper Vest PRO is the best weighted vest for climbing to increase strength, cardio stamina and climbing agility. For climbers, substantial upper body strength is also essential. When cross-training, take pull-ups to another level by wearing the Hyper Vest PRO. Adding weighted resistance increases the complexity and muscle requirements of every exercise; enabling you to get the most out of each movement. What’s more, climbers need strong obliques to control twisting and body tension. To work the internal and external obliques, wear the weight vest during hanging side crunches and twists to challenge and strengthen muscles even more. “The Hyper Vest weight vest is fantastic for climbers -- absolutely brilliant!”- Pamela Shanti Pack, member of the Sierra Salve, awarded the Golden Piton Award in 2009 by Climbing Magazine, and featured climber in Reel Rock