Top 5 SandBell Exercises from Bill Sonnemaker

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SandBell Exercises

One of our missions at Hyperwear is to constantly provide training content with SandBell exercises so that you can get the most out of our products and can easily incorporate them into your daily workouts. Today, we're bringing you the Top 5 SandBell Exercise tips from top trainer, Bill Sonnemaker of Catalyst Fitness.

  • SANDBELL EXERCISES NUMBER 1: Gliding lunges with overhead reach using the FreeForm Board Lunges are one of the best functional training exercises. Gliding lunges work your lower body even more to strengthen muscles and improve stabilization and balance. Incorporating the overhead reach poses a greater challenge to muscle strength, balance and control. The overhead reach also works to turn this movement into a "total body exercise" by activating the upper body and core.
  • SANDBELL EXERCISES NUMBER 2: Rainbow SLAMS Rainbow slams are a killer total body exercise to get your heart rate really pumping. Executing proper form is key to this exercise and will ensure that all major muscle groups get toned and defined. Amp up the cardiovascular intensity of these slams by seeing how many you can do in 30 seconds (maintaining correct form).
  • SANDBELL EXERCISES NUMBER 3: Agility partner exercise Weight bearing exercises are difficult. Weight bearing exercises that require you to jump over an object while catching a flying SandBell are even MORE difficult. And that's why the agility partner exercise comes in at number 3! This exercise will tone your core, obliques and arms, while making you break a sweat. It challenges coordination and control, requiring your brain and body to work together.
  • SANDBELL EXERCISES NUMBER 4: Squat to reach with resistance bands SandBells are great when used by themselves or in combination with other equipment, as demonstrated in this video. Get the most out of your workout by adding a cardiovascular element to each exercise, and also activate multiple muscle groups to give your body and brain a more difficult challenge. This exercise demonstrates how you can easily put a new spin on a traditional exercise, squat to reach, just by adding in another piece of equipment.
  • SANDBELL EXERCISES NUMBER 5: Partner super SLAMS Now this is a video of Bill's we recently came upon and LOVE! Not only does it demonstrate that SandBells are indestructible, but also that SLAMS can be done with a partner! Slams just might be the perfect total body exercise. A SLAM involves a triple extension movement--squat, overhead extension and full throttle pull back to the ground. To get the most out of the SLAM, extend all the way to your toes at when reaching the SandBell up overhead and try to vigorously slam the SandBell flat on the floor. What's more, the SLAM and partner super slam will engage your grip and forearm muscles, in addition to every other major muscle group. Get to slammin'!

Take these top 5 SandBell exercises, turn them into your next workout and log them into your SandBell training archive. Make each of the sandbell exercises more or less difficult by adjusting the weight load or by wearing a Hyper Vest PRO weight vest!

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