How a Home Gym Battle Rope Saves You Space

In case you haven't heard yet, we've added the Hyperwear home gym battle rope to our growing lineup. Men's Health named the Hyper Rope® battle rope the best home gym battle rope in their 2022 Home Gym Awards. The Hyper Rope battle rope upends the status quo by saving you 5' minimum wherever you train. Why? The compact and low-profile Hyper Rope measures 20' long and fits into a slim and trim 6' footprint. home gym battle rope

20 Foot Long Home Gym Battle Rope = Space Saved

Keep in mind that the 3 standard battle rope lengths are 30', 40', and 50' long (and most popular length), which then of course halves, when you train with it. So the majority of home gym battle ropes are effectively 15', 20', and 25' long, thus you need a healthy piece of space to use these in. When you double up the Hyper Rope, down to 10' long to train with, you're saving 5' in space minimum. Depending on what length you use, you might even save more space, like 10' or 15' for example. In use, you actually save even more space because you can train with the Hyper Rope in a nifty 6' footprint. Whether you're doing personal training, group training, or training at-home, everyone knows that space often presents the #1 challenge to training effectively. Every time you have to move something, or move around something, you lose time and momentum during your workout. In turn, when you remove at least one of those obstacles, not only do you become leaner, but your training regimen does as well. Oh and did we mention you can use it solo, without an anchor?

Anchors Away...Literally!

A simple change in design yields a number of benefits. The Hyper Rope works great for people tight on space, and you don't need an anchor. Yeah that's right, no anchor, cleat, hook or loop necessary. It's not even plug 'n' play, it's just play. Of course, you can opt to anchor it. As you'll see below, we used a 20lb sandbell. So have a look for yourself. Check out the video of our resident training advisor Jeremy explaining how the Hyper Rope tailors to you.

Travels Well, and Adapts to Your Training Better

Since the Hyper Rope battle rope is 15' feet shorter than most battle ropes, it stores and travels like a pro. You can see in the video, how it coils with ease and finds a fast, and simple resting place on the wall, unlike another home gym battle rope that might have to live in a conspicuous, messy heap on the floor of your garage. Of course, messes are the garage gym's worst enemy, right after improperly stored gear that can cause tripping, falls and injury. Since you're dealing with up to 15' less rope, the Hyper Rope makes for a quality travel partner. Whether you want to bring it to a friend's garage gym, your globo gym, or even the park, the Hyper Rope won't be like lugging a battleship rope around. Which, by the way, why do battleship ropes make you think of all those scratchy, beige fibers that fall off them? Yeah, the Hyper Rope doesn't have any of those annoying fibers that will fall off and leave your training space a mess. But we think you'll find it still has the same resilience of battleship rope. Combining the resilience with its short profile, allows the rope to adapt to your training environment. This home gym battle rope offers a lot of creativity and versatility as a result. You can use it solo, or with a partner. The Hyper Rope can be used with a variety of training demographics: fitness classes, active aging, rehab patients, etc. You can use it with or without an anchor. You can increase the training impact by including a Bosu ball in your training, or even reduce training impact by using it sitting down in a chair. The only boundaries the Hyper Rope has are the limitations on your own imagination.

Get Roped in Now

If you're looking for a low-maintenance, space saving, home gym battle rope, we think we've got the one for you. We also have plenty of content that's our "show and tell" so you can learn how best to use the Hyper Rope and how to train with it effectively.


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