Gif of a fitness model doing a lunge with the hyper rope unanchored battle rope

Get Big Fitness Gains with the Most Compact Battle Rope

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In our previous blog, we covered how a battle rope with a lean profile saves you space. Now we want to show you how the most compact battle rope gets you big fitness gains. battle ropes for weight loss If you're reading this, hopefully you already own the Hyper Rope and are enjoying the rewards of a 6' footprint to train in. You probably also understand its range of creativity and versatility in a variety of spaces, due to its slim 'n' trim profile. Don't forget, we're talking about a 10' long battle rope when doubled up. Then, when you're training with it, that shrinks down even more, into a 6' footprint.

Most Compact Battle Rope = Low Impact and Big Gains

Watch our resident trainer and fitness adviser Jeremy, demonstrate the utility of the Hyper Rope. As you can see, the compact battle rope changes the entire battle rope training game. The low-impact aspects of the Hyper Rope add new dimensions to your training. The shortened length reduces torque on shoulder joints and tailors itself to almost any space you can put it in. By reducing the training impact, the Hyper Rope tailors itself well to diverse training groups and demographics, like active aging and rehab/therapy patients. Besides that, this battle rope makes a nice pairing with any garage gym, or as you can see, in partner training applications. So where do these big gains come from? Training without an anchor allows the Hyper Rope to execute dynamic movements in all planes and directions. This unlocks more benefits and can improve the efficiency of your training gains. These are the same high quality fitness benefits that science has already shown us.

Gettin' Roped into those Gains

Fortunately, we've already covered this topic and we're not going to waste your time. That said, please be sure to read these next couple of blogs at your leisure, as they're 2 of our most popular battle rope blogs. The people have read them, and the people have clicked, pun intended, so we think they're pretty good sources of info. Come on down here for all the latest on the benefits of battle rope training. Once you're convinced of the benefits of training with battle ropes, slide over this way for a complete beginner's guide to battle rope training. Still hungry for more battle rope training info? Here's a high quality piece with some nifty gifs to show you the movements. They also work in a Bosu ball with the battle rope, much like our in-house trainer Jeremy Shore incorporates a Bosu ball with battle rope training. They add the idea of substituting a Bosu ball with a plyo box. Finally, if you don't want to do any more clicking, reading or watching this is for you. Here's a helpful, quick scan battle rope chart. most compact battle rope

Fully Expect Rope Burn

No, not that kind of rope burn from not wearing any gloves and leaving layers of skin behind. The Hyper Rope's soft, smooth, polyester braids won't put a cheese grater to your hands. We're talking about that training burn. Imagine all the options, all the movements, all the 2 for 1s you can pull off with this battle rope. This battle rope will whip you into shape.

Picture the Most Compact Battle Rope in Your Hand

Lastly, if you have any tips, tricks, movements, pictures or vids to share of your Hyper Rope training, we'd love to see them. Send them in or hit us up on Instragram, so we can make you blog famous. Thanks for reading everyone, stay awesome, train hard.