SandBell Games for Kids | Cardio PE Drills

SandBell Games for Kids | Cardio PE Games

Cardio is arguably the most dreaded part of a workout, but one of the best ways to keep our bodies healthy and happy. Motivating kids to get in at least 60 minutes of cardio a day is also something parents, teachers and coaches may dread because walking and jogging for exercise is generally something that children don't look forward to. A "sneaky" way to get the heart rate up is to use SandBell games for kids in your physical education class. In today's P.E. Drill Thrill, we're going to show you two SandBell cardio PE games to get kids running, laughing, moving and playing without realizing they're getting a workout!

SandBell Games | Line Relay Race

Set-Up: For the SandBell Line Race you need 16 cones. Make four lines of 4 cones spaced 10-15 feet apart spread from one end of the gym to the other. Divide students into four groups, and assign each group to a line of cones. Give each student a 4, 6 or 10 lb. SandBell based on their age and fitness level. At the first cone students do 6 "SandBell Squats", at the second cone 6 "Around the Clocks," at the third cone 6 "Granny Tosses," and at the fourth cone do 6 "Slams." *To do an "Around the Clock," pass the SandBell from hand-to-hand in a circular motion around the hips. *To do a "Granny Toss," drop the SandBell on the ground, squat to pick it up and as you're standing up toss the SandBell into the air, when the SandBell gets to eye level take both hands and push the SandBell back to the ground. Directions: 1. At the sound of the buzzer/whistle the first student in each line runs to the first cone and does 6 SandBell squats. 2. After doing 6 SandBell squats they run to the second cone and does 6 Around the Clocks. 3. Each student completes 6 repetitions at each cone. When the first student moves from the first cone to the second cone, the next student in line runs to the first cone and begins the first exercise. 4. After students do 6 SandBell Slams at the last cone, they run back to the first cone and get back in line. 5. The first line to have all students complete the exercises and run back to their starting cone wins!

SandBell Games | Grand Slam Wave Relay

Set-Up: For the Grand Slam Wave Relay you need 2 cones. Arrange one cone at one end of the gym and the second cone in the middle of the gym. Depending on how many students are in the class, put a pile of SandBells (one for each student) next to the first cone. *The Grand Slam Wave Relay works better with small groups of 4-6 students. If students are divided into groups, make sure to indicate the cones each group should run back and forth to. Directions: 1. The first student takes a SandBell and runs to the cone in the middle of the gym, does two SandBell burpees, runs back to the first cone and hands the SandBell to the next student. 2. The second student runs to the middle cone and does two burpees, while the first student grabs another SandBell from the pile and runs to the middle cone and does two burpess. 3. When the second student returns, they hand the SandBell to the third person. The third person runs to the middle cone while the second student grabs another SandBell and runs to the middle cone, and so on. 4. Do this relay for 1-3 minutes and count the number of times each student gets back and forth! What do you need for this great PE SandBell games? Explore a SandBell package from Hyperwear.