Small Home Gym - Best Gym Equipment for Small Spaces

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Adjustable dumbbells, floor protection, soft kettlebells, compact storage lead list for small home gym.

Prefer to workout at home but not sure how to pick equipment that is best for home gyms? Start with the home gym essentials. You need to carefully look at flooring, storage, safety and variety. Flooring for a home gym, limited storage space and having safe fitness equipment for home use are intuitive. Variety is essential to keeping your workouts different, motivating and effective so that you get the workout results you want. Results will also be easier if you develop a fitness habit. Sometimes habits can come from having your goal staring you in the face. So be sure to select home gym layouts and equipment that are out in the open and not always sitting in a closet or under the bed.

First focus on the do's and don'ts of building the best compact home gym:

Do pick compact fitness equipment that takes up little space so that you can set-up in an open space like the corner of a room or along a wall. Can the equipment stack or fit in a small rack? Don't hide everything so that you are

adjustable dumbbells SoftBell System for Home Gyms

never reminded that you want to exercise. Stick those adjustable dumbbells under the bed and you might find your old shake weights in the way.

Do worry about floor damage and noise. Carpet may help with noise and dropped weight damage, but it is bad for movement and absorbs sweat. Don't pick equipment that is bad for your space because you have nice wood floors or downstairs neighbors. Select soft free weights that are quiet and safe for your floors, pets and children when dropped. They may also save you that harassment from a neighbor who's bothered by the noise. Pick a battle rope that is short and does not need an anchor point so you can use in a corner home gym.

small home gymDo select adjustable dumbbells and adjustable soft kettlebells that can be used in many different weight combinations for unmatched variety that take up a tiny footprint. Or SandBell sandbag training weights that easily stack in a small space. You can even get you cardio from the right selection of kettlebell exercises, adding short battle ropes, or picking cardio equipment that stores vertically like the WaterRower. If space allows, go ahead and pick a good treadmill or stationary bike which are good for a total home gym. It has to be cardio that you will like the most for your home gym to work. Include a TRX for suspension training if you have a good spot for an anchor. Don't pick equipment that requires large storage racks, has to be hidden in closets or under the bed to store, or is a fixed weight so that you need many free weights that take up lots of space. Battle ropes for home gyms are fantastic in theory. A simple tool like the battle rope can work your upper body, abs and core while also providing that great battle rope cardio kick in a short time. Few home gym spaces will be big enough for you to workout with a 50 ft or 30 ft long heavy rope. Battle ropes are also bulky and hard to store at home. If you have a garage gym it can work. One similar option that uses 10 ft of space and stores easily is the Hyper Rope battle rope from Hyperwear. Short heavy battle ropes are the ideal solution for small space home gyms.

Ready to learn more about equipment for apartment home gyms in small spaces?

When done correctly small home gyms can provide the same intensity and versatility that can be found in a group fitness class and with the right gear you can turn any space into your private studio. Think you can't get a good sweat at home? Crank up the music and checkout Hyperfit workouts below. Add rowing, running or cycling intervals to your sweat session for a full body calorie burning circuit training home workout.

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