Spartan Pancake SandBell

Custom SandBell Spartan Pancake Created to be Spartan Race Sandbag

The innovative sandbag training SandBell® weights were customized for Spartan Race and debuted as the Spartan Pancake at the Spartan Sprint Race in Burnet, Texas on Saturday, May 19. Incredibly durable, the SandBell would continue to be used as the sandbag obstacle in many obstacle races for years. spartan pancake spartan pancakeThe exclusive Spartan pancake SandBell used at the Spartan Race featured custom pink and red Spartan Pancake Race logos. For over a half mile in this brutal obstacle course race, women carried a 20 lb. Spartan pancake and men a 40 lb. The new Spartan pancake SandBell was a tougher, more durable SandBell. Like the original it will not leak sand when you are indoors, but it is tough for the outdoors. It's made from neoprene fabric, similar to that of the SteelBell. The SandBell is an ideal fit for outdoor boot camps and more intense exercising because the neoprene fabric is able to withstand excessive force. (For those unfamiliar with the Hyperwear SandBell, watch the video demonstration of SandBell exercises and explanation of features and benefits). Spartan Race introduced this versatile workout tool to its followers as an exceptional improvement to sandbag training. Do not be confused, the "sandbag" used at the Texas and Tuxedo New York races and the Hyperwear SandBell are the exact same product, but the Spartan exclusive featured only the Spartan Race logo. In fact, for a limited time the Super SandBell is exclusive to Spartan Race. Limited supplies of the 20 and 40 lb. Spartan pancake SandBell were available for purchase at Spartan Race venues. For Spartan Race enthusiasts training for Spartan races, the SandBell is a must have. Not only can you prepare for the gruesome half-mile carry, the SandBell is used in many ways that a medicine ball, kettlebell, and dumbbell cannot. Safer for partner toss, carries, throws and slams, you also build grip, wrist and forearm strength like no other free weight can. The SandBell has proven itself in the strength room of the nation's top college and pro teams.

You get what you pay for

The common expression "you get what you pay for" could not be better demonstrated than by the SandBell. Instead of buying 3 or 4 pieces of workout equipment, get a SandBell and you've got a total-body exercise tool with just one mighty neoprene bag. The dynamic shifting sand challenges and strengthens your abs and core like no other free weight. SandBells are easy to stack and store, and best of all they are one of the safest pieces of fitness equipment on the market. With the SandBell, there's little fear of injury due to dropping, throwing and hitting someone, or damaging floor surfaces. The circular design means that when dropped the force of the weight expands over the entire surface area of the bell and is not concentrated on one point like with a dumbbell or kettlebell.

Level up your Spartan Pancake Workout Sandbags

Hyperwear SandBell innovation continues. In 2020, Hyperwear introduced the SandBell PRO with built in water repellant and a SILVADUR™ anti-microbial treatment embedded in the fabric. The pro model also uses the same textured tough fabric for better grip in our original custom Spartan pancake. The patented SandBell also ships already filled.
Picture of Hybrid Athlete Kris Rugloski with Hyperwear sandbag system on her shoulder Kris Rugloski Workout with SandBell
Now Hyperwear has added a line of workout sandbags with handles that use pre-filled SandBell sand weights as filler bags. We call this the Sandbag System and it is available in weights of 25 lbs, 40 lbs, 80 lbs and 160 lbs with free shipping offers. You are good-to-go when your sandbag arrives - no additional cost of buying sand and trip to a home improvement store.

The list of spartan sandbag exercises you can do with a SandBell are truly endless. Here is how to do a Spartan pancake slam:

The real kicker about the SandBell, is that it challenges and strengthens your grip, wrist and forearm strength with every exercise you do. There's no handle or strap on this bad boy—just dig in and grab it. So, in addition to working targeted muscle groups, you're also strengthening your grip, wrist and forearm muscles that are typically unactivated with traditional fitness equipment. spartan pancakeIf you're a die-hard Spartan then you've got it get your hands on the Spartan pancake SandBell. Train like a Spartan, prepare to dominate the sandbag carry in your next race and invigorate your training with this dynamic, innovative and multi-functional tool. Use it inside, outside, in the mud, in the desert or on the moon for if you can get there. The point is you can take it with you and train with it anywhere, it's made for people who want to use and abuse it. It's" your new best friend" Spartans.

How to get the original spartan pancake for sandbag training

Get your Hyperwear SandBell today and start sandbag training for a Spartan race today. Taking it to the next level? Train for a Spartan race with a SteelBell steel shot filled version of the SandBell. Medium Hyperwear Sandbag System 80 lb Assortment of FILLED SandBell workout sandbags