Weighted Vest Weight Loss: Does it work?

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The Reality of Weighted Vest Weight Loss

It is all about HABITS

Just like many promised easy ways to lose weight and get healthy, a weighted vest weight loss plan is just one of many important factors. Just like any other tool in your options to reach your weight loss goals, a complete plan of diet and exercise is a must. No doubt, weighted vest weight loss is real: wearing weights on your body while you work out or even just go about your daily routine naturally ups your calorie burn. However, just slip up on your diet with one cookie more than allowed on your diet plan and the day's benefit from wearing your weight vest can vanish.

In addition to diet, using a thin adjustable weight vest you can even wear under your top during the day will shave more calories to help with weight loss. But if you want to really boost that calorie burn and your health, add the weighted vest to your workout. Exercise is essential and it does not have to be any more complicated than trying a bodyweight workout and sticking to it. Just add your vest for weighted vest weight loss.

There are so many resources on the internet for people looking to increase their level of health. I found an excellent resource called "Be Active Your Way: A Guide for Adults." It is chock-full of useful tips whether you are just getting started, working to make physical activity a bigger part of your life, or ready to up your duration and / or intensity.

weighted vest weight loss
Wearing a Thin Weighted Vest to Burn Added Calories

The thing I love about reading guides and articles like this is that it is so easy to incorporate Hyper Wear products into each of these suggestions. The simplest thing you can do to amp up your workout routine is to add a Hyper Vest PRO weighted vest. Not only does it make every activity a weight-bearing activity (which builds bone density and muscle mass), it helps you burn extra calories with every move. You see, it tricks your body into burning more calories!

How does it do this? Calculate how many calories you burn in one hour of high-impact aerobics. Let's say you weigh 150 pounds; you can burn 477 calories in that hour. But if you weighed 160, you would burn 508 calories in that hour. That's about 30 more calories per hour. May not sound like much, but if you burn that extra 30 calories per day, you can lose a pound of fat (3500 cal = 1 lb fat) in just 116 days, simply by adding a 10 lb weight vest to the equation. That's 3 pounds lost per year. That's pretty good for not really increasing intensity or duration!

Recommended: Start with a good plan and build some habits. Learn about the science behind using weight vests.

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