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Lower Body Upgrade: Top 7 Free Weight Leg Workouts

Leg day is probably the most feared day for any gym goer. There are horror stories of people not being able to walk out of the gym from muscle soreness. This means leg day workouts can be intimidating for both experienced and novice lifters. But what if I told you there was a better way? What if I told you that you can still get massive gains without the fear of annihilation?

In today’s workout, we will use lower body exercises to tone up the legs in a safe manner. Push yourself, but be aware of how your body is responding to each exercise. You will be burning a ton of calories so be sure to have plenty of water and a towel close at hand. You can use any free weight for the workout, but we recommend using the SandBell by Hyperwear. Although any exercise can be modified based on what equipment you already own, you will get more out of the workout by using a SandBell.

For those just getting started, be sure to pay close attention to the exercise portion of this post. Each exercise will not only have written instructions, but also instructional videos! These exercise videos will have additional clarification on exercises if you have any questions!

Benefits of Lower Body Exercises Using Free Weights

Free weights are an extremely effective tool for lower body workouts. For years, many thought the best way to train the hamstrings, thighs and hips were with workout machines. This is why anytime you go to a gym you’ll see row after row of exercise machines. Although these machines are great for body builders, they neglect an important concept in fitness.

In real life, none of the muscles work in isolation. No matter how small the task, there has to be synergy between the entire body in order to produce movement. Meaning that for the majority of the population, today’s workout will be more effective than just sitting on the machines and doing sets every few minutes. This leg day workout will get you off of those machines and into the realm of functional fitness. Instead of focusing on one individual muscle, we will work on the entire body.

You might be wondering how this workout can be made of lower body exercises but still target the entire body. The answer is simple. Your legs are the main driver in creating motion. Whether it be lunging, squatting or simply walking your legs are starting the process. If you don’t believe that one part of the body can impact another, try two different squats. One with your arms fully extended overhead and one where you reach down. One was significantly easier right? This is due to a chain reaction caused by the upper body. It impacted everything from your core to the way your ankle moves. So understand not only will today work those legs, but will also challenge the rest of your body!

Working Out with the Hyperwear SandBell Free Weight

As mentioned, today’s workout will highlight lower body exercises using the SandBell free weight by Hyperwear. For anyone unfamiliar with the product, a SandBell is one of the most versatiles free weights on the market. You can perform moves traditionally done with kettlebells or dumbbells, as well as moves that would break either of those. For example, a sandbell is perfect for both curls and swings. In addition, because of it’s soft nature the SandBell can be slammed, tossed or thrown without worry of damage.

You may ask, how can I throw this piece of equipment? Shouldn’t it break just like a dumbbell or kettlebell would? The SandBell is a different kind of free weight. As the name suggests, it is made with sand and not iron. This makes it safer for floors, while also allowing for more explosive movements. In addition to being safer for your flooring, they are also much safer than traditional iron equipment. Even children can safely play with the equipment!

For more ideas, including today’s workout, check out (insert link to SandBell Page)! In addition, Hyperwear’s instagram posts new content everyday, showing you more creative ways to use your equipment!

What to Know Before Starting the Lower Body Workout

Before beginning any exercise program, make sure that you properly warm up. Today’s workout is what I like to call the “meat and potatoes” of your workout. This means the SandBell portion of the program will be the most important. However, don’t forget the warm up “appetizer” to reduce injury risk and improve your overall workout.

For the actual leg day workout, all you will need is a few feet of space and a SandBell. If you do not own a SandBell, you can use dumbbells or a kettlebell, but modify accordingly. Once you’ve created enough space for yourself, grab your towel, your sandbell and some water and get moving!

SandBell Squat With Press

A great way to add variety in your squat pattern is by adding an upper body component. In this exercise, as you lower yourself, think about punching the sandbell out. You can do this either while holding a low squat position or do one press and one squat. This will get your lower body firing, while keeping the exercise fun.

SandBell Split Squat Isometric Hold

For those with injuries or newer to fitness, a great starting point is isometric holds. Creating tension in one specific position will train your endurance, especially in a low split stance. Bring the knee as close to the ground as possible. Hold still for 30 seconds to really engage the hamstrings.

SandBell Slam

A classic SandBell Exercise, the slam is a great way to condition the entire body while working on explosive power in the legs. Slams are perfect for everyone from elite athletes to the general population.  This is not only a great workout but also an excellent stress reliever.

SandBell Squat with Arm Swing

Although at first glance this move appears to be the same as a kettlebell swing, there is a slight difference. In a traditional kettlebell swing, the main driving force is a hinge pattern, meaning that movement comes from the hips. In this, the downward motion is a squat placing more emphasis on the legs. By adding a swing, you are challenging the core in all new ways!

SandBell High Toss x 5 Jump x 5

Lateral lunges are an excellent exercise for the glutes. They can be used for anything from preventing pain long term to simply hypertrophy. Adding in a reach with a SandBell helps overload the body even more, which also helps emphasize the hamstrings. Overall, this exercise is great both as a lower body workout and core exercise.

SandBell Lateral Lunge with Reach

SandBell Good Mornings

To end today’s workout, we will focus on a slow and controlled movement. Good mornings received their name because when done properly, they make your hamstrings yell good morning! These are one of the best exercises for developing posterior chain strength and are used in practically every strength program known to man. Give them a shot and see what you think!