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Kettlebell Levelup Series: 15 Kettlebell Workouts for Men

Today’s kettlebell workout for men is designed to get you beach-ready in no time! Most men want to feel comfortable at the beach, whether it be to impress someone else or just show off to your friends. In order to get there though, you need to consider your training program. Are you only working out arms? What about legs? We all hate doing leg day, but it's time to embrace them, fellas. With these exercises for men, you can get beach-ready in no time. Today’s workout will start with a taxing upper body workout, then a lower body burnout, and conclude with a sweat-inducing total body section.

Although this workout has a few advanced exercises, even a beginner can participate in this routine. You can modify any exercise in this routine, based on your individual needs. Although this is designed to be a stand-alone workout, read on if you want to add a few cool new moves to your own workout routine!

The SoftBell - Hyperwear’s Kettlebell

As you may have noticed, today’s workout for men features a kettlebell, but with a twist. Most kettlebells are limited because they are at a fixed weight. And although there are a few adjustable kettlebells on the market, most feel clunky and are hard to adjust. Hyperwear’s SoftBell Kettlebell system is so easy to adjust, even a child can do it. All you have to do is unscrew the long bolt, add or remove a SoftBell Plate, and put it back in. It is that simple.

We suggest using the SoftBell, as many of the moves today will require a different amount of weight. You might feel comfortable goblet squatting 30lbs, but maybe you get a little nervous doing a deck squat with the same weight. With the ease of adjustment, you can have an entire set of kettlebells in just a few feet of space!

Top Kettlebell Workouts for Men

Kettlebells workouts for men have been around for a while, but have really gained popularity during the covid pandemic. For those with limited space, a kettlebell is a perfect tool. You can get a lower body, upper body, and total body workout all using the same piece of equipment. You can train mobility or strength. Speed or power. The versatility of the kettlebell is endless and due to its small stature is perfect for at-home or traveling workouts!

For those on the fence of purchasing a kettlebell, let’s take a look at the top 7 benefits of the kettlebell and see how you guys can get ready for the summer!

  1. It’s versatility: total body workouts
  2. Uses a small footprint
  3. Great for coordination
  4. Can be used for cardio
  5. Helps build lean muscle
  6. Safe, but challenging
  7. Improves grip strength

Total Body Kettlebell Workouts for Men

 Upper Body Kettlebell Exercises for Men

Alright, let’s be honest here. Most of you guys are probably only here for this part of the kettlebell workout routine. The good news is that you will hit just about every part of your upper body in this section. Everything from biceps and triceps to chest and shoulders. Even your back will get a great pump with these kettlebell workouts for men.

Kettlebell Half Kneeling Press

Number of Reps: 10 per side

Est. Time to Complete Set: 1 Minute

Get into a comfortable kneeling position. We suggest using a SandBell or other soft object to place under your knee. Press the kettlebell overhead, slowly returning it back to the starting position. Complete 10 reps.

Kettlebell Half Turkish Getup

Number of Reps: 8 Per Side

Est. Time to Complete Set: 1:30

The half Turkish getup takes time to master. Start laying on your back. Slowly follow the movement pattern, until you are in a tabletop position. This move will help build shoulder stability, as well as core control. Try to complete 8 reps per side.

Kettlebell Halo

Number of Reps: 15 each direction

Est. Time to Complete Set: 1:30

The kettlebell halo is a great exercise for improving shoulder mobility as well as training your core. Although this move looks simple, your core and shoulders will feel this if done properly. Perform 15 reps one way then reverse the halo and do 15 again.

Kettlebell Push Press

Number of Reps: 15

Est. Time to Complete Set: 1 Minute

A push press can be done in many ways, so feel free to use either one or two kettlebells for this exercise. Begin with the kettlebell at shoulder height, slightly dip the knees and press overhead. Be sure to get the full range of motion and avoid cutting your rep short. Aim for either 15 reps with two hands or 8 per side with one.

Kettlebell Row

Number of Reps: 8

Est. Time to Complete Set: 30 sec.

Rows are a great way to train the muscles in your back. This is important from both a postural perspective and aesthetics. Rows will help you balance out your body after you benched 225 all week. Aim for 8 reps.

Lower Body Kettlebell Exercises for Men


Wait, you’re still here? For those of you crazy enough to make it to the leg portion of today’s workout, we have a treat in store for you. You will get a great lower body burn, firing up your hamstrings and quads. This is the portion of today’s workout where legends are born. So congrats to you for making it this far.

Kettlebell Off Set Front Lunge

Number of Reps: 12 per side

Est. Time to Complete Set: 1 Minute

There are many different ways to perform a kettlebell lunge. We suggest doing 12 reps on one side, then switching to the other. This will help improve your muscular strength. If you are looking for higher intensity, try alternating each leg.

Kettlebell Goblet Squat

Number of Reps: 15

Est. Time to Complete Set: 1 Minute

A goblet squat is great for beginners and advanced athletes alike, as it forces you to use correct squat mechanics. In addition, it can save wear and tear on the wrists. You’ll notice that in the kettlebell workout videos, the SoftBell is upside down. This will help you gain more control

Kettlebell Pistol Squat

Number of Reps: 8 per side

Est. Time to Complete Set: 1 Minute

The pistol squat is a very advanced exercise. Modify this with one of the squat variations if you aren’t used to it. Do this by either tapping the hand down at the bottom of your squat or simply do a single leg squat. Always make sure you have properly prepared your body before attempting a pistol squat.

Kettlebell Side Lunge

Number of Reps: 10 per side

Est. Time to Complete Set: 1 Minute

One of the biggest injury risks for people is due to training in one plane of motion. This means we usually only lift in exercises that have a front and back component. By adding a lateral lunge, you will train your body in new ways, preventing injury and strengthening underutilized muscles.

Kettlebell Single Leg Deadlift

Number of Reps: 10 per side

Est. Time to Complete Set: 1 Minute

A great way to train your posterior chain is by performing a single-leg deadlift. You can perform this many ways, but try doing it with a small kickstand stance. Your hamstrings will light up all while still maintaining stability.

Full Body Kettlebell Workout for Men

Pat yourself on the back for doing legs today. Now get ready, because your kettlebell routine is not done yet. Today’s total body portion is great for getting eyes on you. You will sweat like crazy in this section, helping burn more calories than individual isolated exercises.

Kettlebell Clean and Press

Number of Reps: 8 per side

Est. Time to Complete Set: 1 Minute

The clean and press is a total body workout based on an Olympic lift. The kettlebell version is much simpler, meaning it will take you less time to master. So you can get many of the same explosive benefits without the same injury risks.

Kettlebell Deck Squat

Number of Reps: 10

Est. Time to Complete Set: 1 Minute

The deck squat is a complicated exercise. Be sure to use your kettlebell. The extra weight will help you stand up, as it is creating more momentum. Repeat for a total of 10 reps.

Kettlebell Snatch

Number of Reps: 8 per side

Est. Time to Complete Set: 1 Minute

Similar to the clean and press, the kettlebell snatch is a safer version of an Olympic lift. Once again, this is designed to be an explosive lift. Explosive exercises like the snatch will help develop your fast-twitch muscle fibers.

Kettlebell Swing

Number of Reps: 20

Est. Time to Complete Set: 1 Minute

The quintessential kettlebell move, the kettlebell swing is great for developing the posterior chain. Swings are great for all fitness levels, whether you are looking to improve your general fitness or looking to be more athletic.

Kettlebell Thrusters

Number of Reps: 15

Est. Time to Complete Set: 1 Minute

Thrusters get you sweating in a hurry. This move uses both the legs and upper body to tax your entire system. Do 15 reps of this exercise and then grab some water. You will need it.

Grab Your SoftBell and Get Sweating!

Be sure to watch each kettlebell exercise video, as some of the moves are complex. Even watch the moves you may be familiar with, as there may be a slight modification to each. Once you feel comfortable with the workout, grab your kettlebell and get after it!