Best Weight Vest for Running

Best Weight Vest for Running Must be Thin and Light

best weight vest for running
Cheetah with weight vest

What is the best weight vest for running? In some of our more recent blog posts, we introduced the Hyper Vest weight vests to the world. We demonstrated how they can be used effectively in interval training, but we also realize there are more athletes that can benefit from wearing a weighted vest. So all you runners out there, this one's for you - the best weight vest running.

It may sound counterintuitive for running but more and more marathon runners, Olympic athletes, collegiate track stars, and recreational runners are finding the benefits of weight vest training. Adding weight during training can shed minutes off of your time, a great advantage for those who run competitively. Your body learns to run at what is your “normal” pace with the added weight, and once the weight is off (during the competition), you are able to move swiftly and at a faster pace.

The European Journal of Applied Physiology found that athletes who wore a weight vest equivalent to 10% of their body weight for four weeks during training improved their oxygen consumption levels and increased their lactate threshold. In laymen's terms: they could run further distances and over longer duration without tiring.

Marathon runners understand the importance of this for peak race-day performance.

Not a traditional “race runner”? Do you run for the sake of staying healthy and fit? Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you. Wearing a weight vest forces your body to work harder to move. The end result is burning more calories and thus melting away fat, another reason to use the best weight vest running.

Luckily, you don’t have to BE a marathon runner to look like one. We’ve got you covered.

Our Hyper Vest weighted vests are a prime examples of products that listened to what runners need in a weight vest. We understand the demand running has on the body and the pressure it puts on your joints. Wearing a 20+ lb. weight vest is not conducive for long distance running, as it induces damage to the body.

Celebrity trainers, like Tanja Djelevic on the Biggest Loser, are seeing the benefits of getting their clients into this game-changing weighted vest.

Weight Vest Running Training Tips

Monday: Cross Training Day


  • Beginners: Two miles with a weight vest. Focus on making it the 2 miles, and don’t worry about the time.
  • More Advanced: Four miles with a weight vest. Focus on making it through the 4 miles, and don’t worry about the time.


  • Beginner: 10 minutes for warm up walk/jog + 2 mile run + 10 minutes for cool down walk/jog. Don’t forget the weight vest at home!
  • More Advanced: HILLS. Four miles of them. Shoot for some short and some long hills to challenge your legs. Don’t forget the weight vest at home!


  • Beginner: Cross Training Day
  • More Advanced: Easy 4 mile jog or equivalent time swimming/biking. Feel free to cross train if your body is telling you to do so. Your choice.


  • Beginner: Two miles in a Hyper Vest weight vest
  • More Advanced: Four miles in a Hyper Vest weight vest


  • Beginner: Four miles. Long, slow steady pace. And yes, the weight vest will be with you ever stride along the way!
  • More Advanced: Seven/eight miles. Long, slow steady pace. With the weight vest of course...