Prepare for Football: Weight Vest Training

Football weight vest training improves speed and enhances explosiveness on the field.

football weight vest training Best Weight Vest for Football
Football weight vest training is a key part of making football players faster. It is undeniable that speed is extremely important in sports. It can be the difference in scoring the game winning touchdown, getting to a rebound, or determining whether you win a 50/50 ball in soccer. Regardless of the sport, speed is a vital component to achieving success on the field/court, and as the saying goes "speed kills." Don’t compromise form. Technique precedes speed improvements and Hyperwear Hyper Vest PRO allows you to do just that. Combining weights with compression fabrics is an innovation that was a break through in weight vests. Design based on a utility patent for holding weights tight to the body during any exercise while still allowing the chest to expand for breathing, Hyperwear's Hyper Vest PRO originated the weighted compression gear category. Most individual and team sports require you to accelerate, jump, and decelerate all while performing tasks unique to your individual competition. This is what we term game speed and it is where football weight vest training can be a huge speed advantage.

Get Stronger

The stronger an athlete becomes the more force they will be able to apply into the ground. This can be accomplished through multi-joint Olympic lifts, squatting variations, and dedicated posterior chain work. Strength is critical but you must be able to translate it to game speed. Sleds, cords, resistors, etc. can all be used to provide additional resistance. There is one major problem though. Most of these tools restrict the athletes’ natural running mechanics and force the athlete into compromised positions. The one tool we have found that gives the athlete added resistance without compromising technique is football weight vest training. The Hyper Vest PRO weight vest adds resistance to movement that will improve game speed with proper technique and drills. Whether it is plyometrics, resisted running, or change of direction drills the vest will enhance the athlete’s functional strength and allow for greater speeds when unloaded. Once athletes have become proficient at using their own bodyweight during jumping and plyo’s, you can now use the Hyperwear Hyper Vest PRO to enhance their ability to generate force and become more explosive off of the ground. Do sets with weight vest resistance and sets without the Hyper Vest PRO. An athlete must overcome gravity to accelerate effectively. By adding the Hyperwear Hyper Vest PRO, the athlete not only has to overcome gravity but also additional external forces in order to efficiently accelerate. Once the athlete is able to properly accelerate with the vest, he or she will be able to powerfully accelerate with his or her own bodyweight. This same concept will be effective when working with change of direction movements as well.


  • Hyperwear's weighted compression vest comes already loaded with 10 lbs but is fully adjustable so you can start with a smaller load and gradually increase weighted resistance.
  • Pockets in the Hyper Vest PRO can hold up to two of the quality solid steel zinc plated weights. You can purchase and add additional weight when desired for higher loads. The maximum weight capacity varies by size of the vest. Certified strength and conditioning coaches recommend no more than 10-15% of your bodyweight as the maximum weight for a weight vest.
  • Safer and more effective patented design keeps the weights tight to your core during movement but allows you to breath comfortably.
  • A zippered weighted compression vest like the Hyper Vest PRO quickly zips on and offmaking it the easiest to get on and off. When training you can put it on and take it off for alternating sets of exercises.
  • The Hyper Vest PRO patented fabric is 80% tyvek which doesnot absorb any moisture at all. The weave is breathable making it better wicking, cooler, less likely to trap odor and an ideal fit for football training sessions.
  • With a flexible sizing design, the Hyper Vest PRO weight vest has a streamlined fit. The side cords allow for adjustments and it will grow or shrink with you as your body changes over time.