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Today, we want to say, "Thank you!" to Rocannon MacGregor for his SandBell reviews. He runs Sanctuary Healing Clinic and the Primal Gymnasium and is so uplifting to talk to! Joe, on of the amazing members of the Hyper Team, described Rocannon as having "Irrepressible Enthusiasm." I think it below and see if you agree! Hi Hyperwear, I just emailed this list out to my clients. I thought you might like to have a copy for your SandBell reviews. I could have written 100 reasons. But I thought I would save a few for another email. Please feel free to use any or all of what I wrote in any way it serves to get the WORD out about SandBells. I think every school in the nation needs to have them. SandBells would go a long way to making P.E. Fun & Juicy, instead of boring and dry.
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SandBell reviews: 25 Reasons YOU Should get Sandbells
  1. They are fun to play with.
  2. They are so much fun you might actually find someone else to play with you. With only 1 SandBell several people could get a great series of moves going.
  3. You can throw them with your parents, children, friends, strangers.....because they are easy to use.
  4. SandBells are much safer to throw around than a medicine ball. I have been hit by a medicine ball many times and by the SandBells as well. There is a huge difference. SandBells are soft and they just don’t have the same impact on a body that a hard medicine ball does (or a kettlebell or club or mace or sledgehammer).
  5. They take up very little space but you can get a terrific Nature Playout with them.
  6. They can be used in place of dumbells, clubs, kettlebells etc. And since they are soft, people that are learning can do so more safely with reduced likelihood of injuring themselves. I use SandBells just as a change of pace from Clubs and KBs.
  7. You can have one stashed in your vehicle so that you always have at least one Primal Tool/Toy on hand. And the SandBell will not roll around in the car or scratch/dent anything.
  8. They are safe to use when you are experimenting with new moves.
  9. You can be very creative with the SandBells. I have already developed a huge repertoire of moves using them.
  10. You can smash the SandBells to the ground.
  11. You can throw the SandBells like a shot put or discus or any other way you choose.
  12. The SandBells do not roll when you throw them.
  13. With one or two SandBells you can quickly increase the challenge level your moves from the Daily Dozen Series.
  14. You can do what we call the Hike & Toss when you are out hiking with a friend. Just take a single SandBell and be creative in all the ways you can play with it on the hike with a friend (or by yourself).
  15. SandBells can be used safely by one person, or with two, or many people.
  16. SandBells are exceptionally fun to use with a 6 or more people. You can come up with all manner of challenging patterns of throw, movin’ & groovin’.
  17. SandBells are an excellent tools for rehab or prehab.
  18. SandBells are an excellent choice to blend with bodyweight moves.
  19. SandBells are outstanding for Active Recovery Days.
  20. SandBells are an extremely fun way to Warm Up or Warm Down.
  21. SandBells can be used by people of all ages and skill levels.
  22. You can intersperse SandBell moves between Kettlebell, Club, Sledgehammer or Mace moves to spice up your workout.
  23. You can do a Run & Toss with a partner. This is a great way to spice up a run and to get upper body and core activation going in what is usually and primarily a lower body activity.
  24. Load a few SandBells in your backpack when you are training for a long distance trek. Then take ‘em out and throw ‘em around with your friends.
  25. Take a SandBell to work with you. On your break make it a Movement Break and use your SandBell to get energized. I’ll bet you will soon have someone who wants to do it with you.
Live Large & Loud, Rocannon MacGregor, Ph.D. Sanctuary Healing Clinic & Primal Gymnasium Thanks, Rocannon! We couldn't have said it better ourselves! RECOMMENDED: Compare the SandBell with kettlebells, medicine balls and slam balls