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How to use a heavy weighted jump rope

When it comes to training, it is very difficult to beat a jump rope. You can burn an enormous amount of calories in a short period of time, while also increasing your explosiveness. Jumping rope seems like a basic skill, but it can be very intimidating for someone who is new to fitness. Once you have learned the skill however, it is easy to max out the effectiveness of the exercise. For anyone looking for a more difficult challenge, look no further than the heavy weighted jump rope. With these 5 simple moves, you can easily improve your weighted jump rope skills!

A common conception is that heavy jump ropes are for advanced athletes. Many assume that just because the workout is difficult, only an experienced lifter should do it. However, once you have learned how to jump rope safely you can switch over to a weighted jump rope. Research has found that weighted jump rope training is effective with teen basketball players. A weighted jump rope will turn slower than a traditional jump rope. This means that you will have more time to figure out the rhythm of the movement when compared to a standard jump rope. This will take a little bit of time to get used to, but after some practice you will be jumping for joy!


Anyone who wants to learn how to jump rope should ask themselves what heavy jump rope training is and how it can be beneficial for them. There are several facets to the answer, including a progressive learning curve, more versatility and ultimately more caloric expenditure.

As mentioned, the speed of the rope is much slower than a traditional jump rope meaning that it will be an easy transition for anyone who has used a jump rope before. In addition, there isn't as much pressure to learn complicated moves. A weighted jump rope should not be used for exercises such as double unders, so learning from a friend will be more comfortable as well. This can help anyone feel more comfortable in the workout by keeping the moves simple and to the point.

One of the other things to consider with heavy jump ropes is their versatility. Everyone should look for exercise equipment that serves multiple functions. This is because although a machine can be a great form of exercise, it usually is limited to one movement.. A weighted jump rope will have multiple functions, including traditional battle rope exercises as well as overload for movements such as squats and push-ups. The fact that a heavy jump rope serves a multitude of functions makes it perfect for anyone.

Finally, most people who use a jump rope are doing it for their cardio. For anyone looking to really shred pounds, the weighted version will do wonders.. Whether it is for a wedding coming up or simply for health reasons, losing a few pounds is a common goal. With a weighted jump rope, you will burn more calories than a traditional jump rope. This is due to the increased level of effort required to turn the heavy rope, with some weighing as heavy as 7.5 pounds. So for anyone who wants to get the most bang for their buck, go with a heavy jump rope.



A traditional jump rope is performed by turning the rope with the thumbs facing out, allowing the wrists to spin the rope. This is a great way to learn how to jump rope, but with a heavy rope there are several changes you should make to your form. To start using your heavy jump rope, follow these simple steps.

  • Start with your thumbs facing towards the body. This will alleviate strain on the wrist that can be caused by the additional weight.
  • Get the rope moving, always having the rope land in front of you.
  • When the rope hits the ground, jump a little higher than you would expect to jump as the rope moves a little slower than a traditional rope.
  • Continue until you are tired.
  • Be sure to end every round with the rope in front of you. It is much safer ending the movement that way than with the rope still turning behind your head.

Following these simple cues will allow you to perform a plethora of jump ropes exercises. These techniques will hold true for any type of jump rope exercise you want to perform, no matter how creative you want to get. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how to jump rope with 5 exercises any beginner can do.


When using a new piece of equipment, be sure to master the fundamentals before progressing into any advanced exercises. No matter your experience level, it is always best to start with simple exercises and work your way into more difficult movements. Make sure that you have plenty of space to do the following exercises, as it can take a little bit of practice to truly master.


This is the simplest exercise you can perform when it comes to jumping with a weighted rope. Simply wait until the rope hits the ground and then time your jump accordingly. Be sure to stop the movement with the rope in front of you, as it will decrease injury risk. Overall, think of this as a base exercise. Once the 2 foot jump is mastered, you can progress to the next exercises.


Alternating skips are a great exercise once you learn the basics. Simply think about skipping around a field full of daisies. As it becomes time to clear the rope, alternate feet so that each foot is getting an equal amount of work. Start by going slow to get used to the heavy rope.


When asking yourself how to jump rope, many people want to learn the exercise on one leg. A single leg hop is great for building up work capacity in one leg. Simply balance on foot and jump over the rope using the same leg every time. When your leg starts to feel fatigued, be sure to either take a break or switch legs.


Jumping jacks are one of the oldest forms of plyometrics in existence. Everyone can remember doing jumping jacks in their physical education class, regardless of how much you liked them. They are great for beginners and advanced athletes alike. By using the same foot pattern, you will help time fly by while using your weighted jump rope.


One of the most neglected planes of motion is the frontal plane. This essentially means that most workouts do not include side-to-side movement. By adding in this simple exercise, you will not only create a more balanced workout but also a more effective one. Training muscles you don't usually recruit is as simple as jumping side-to-side with a weighted jump rope!


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