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Battle Rope Training Series: Heavy Rope Workout to Whip You Into Shape

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Heavy ropes, also known as battle ropes are a staple in any training regimen on the big screen. Whether it be Michael B. Jordan or Ryan Reynolds, actors across the world use Battle Ropes to quickly get in shape for their movies.

Ropes are great for high intensity training, as they quickly elevate the heart rate and can help you torch off your calories. Battle Ropes are great not only for functional training, but for the general population as well. In fact, some ropes even have the ability to be used in a tiny apartment complex now! So grab your Hyper Rope or Hyper Rope Elite and let’s get to work!

What You Need for This Workout

The only equipment you will need for today is  a sturdy, durable battle rope. The right battle rope can take up a small footprint, be easily stored and still give you a better workout than the machines at your local gym! The Hyper Rope’s unique unanchored feature makes it the best rope for home gyms and outdoor workouts alike, as you do not need an anchor point. All you need is space!

Heavy Rope Benefits

Before we get into the heavy rope workout, let's briefly take a look at heavy rope training. Heavy rope training, more commonly referred to as battle ropes, have gained popularity over the last 10 years. Heavy ropes can quickly increase your heart rate, without making you run all over the place. This is great for individuals who either can’t move or don’t have the space to move.

Today’s heavy rope workout will consist of 3 full body exercises, with each having a different goal in mind. One is designed to open the shoulders and improve posture, another explosive power and finally a pure calorie burner. Being able to achieve all three of these battle rope benefits with one tool is one reason the Hyper Rope is such a great tool!

Before You Begin Your Heavy Rope Workout

Most heavy rope workouts have one big constraint, in that the rope has to be anchored. An anchor point greatly limits the amount of places that a heavy rope can be used. In addition, it also ruins a ton of creativity for trainers to find solutions. For today’s workout you will only need a Hyper Rope or Hyper Rope Elite and some space! We recommend performing this workout in an open field, but it can be modified to fit in a garage!

 Hyperwear Full-Body Heavy Rope Workout

Push-Up Position Rotational Reaches

Focus: Total-Body

Number of Reps: 45 seconds per side

Est. Time to Complete Set: 1:30

When working on a computer all day, our shoulders tend to hunch forward. By starting in a prone position and reaching, we can open the shoulders back up to their proper position.

Begin by getting into a push up position, with the Hyper Rope in front of your body. This will help you to maintain control of the rope and avoid any issues with where the rope is going. From there, pivot the hand with the rope and same side foot up and over to the other side of your body. This should put you into a table top position. Repeat the same movement to return to your starting point. Perform the exercise for 45 seconds with one hand, then switch.

Rotational Pivots with Whip

Focus: Total-Body

Number of Reps: 15 pivots per side

Est. Time to Complete Set: 1 minute

One of the best ways to burn calories is by using explosive movements. By using a basketball style pivot with the Hyper Rope, you will incorporate the entire body into one calorie burning exercise.

Start in an athletic stance, with your knees slightly bent and your chest hinged over. Beginning with the rope at your side, open your hips and perform a drop-step pivot, while simultaneously reaching the arm up and over. This will give the rope a whipping effect. From there, return to your starting position by pushing through the ground. This should be a continuous movement, so try to perform all 15 reps on one side, take a quick breather and then try the other side.

Hyper Rope Cross Body Jumping Jacks

Focus: Total-Body

Number of Reps: Traveling 50 yards

Est. Time to Complete Set: 30 seconds

Jumping jacks are one of those exercises we all grew up doing in physical education classes. But how can we increase the intensity? Try adding a battle rope and movement and you’ll see just how challenging they can be.

Start with your knees softly bent and your Hyper Rope in front of you. Perform a low jump jacking, with your arms and feet crossing as you move backwards. Be sure to keep the rope below the head. Repeat the traveling jumping jack until you have passed the 50 yard mark. If you are limited on space, you can also perform the same exercise without traveling. In that case, try to shoot for about 45 seconds of work.