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10 Powerful Full Body Sandbag Exercises

Sandbag training is a popular form of exercise used in training programs varying from Crossfit to mobility. Exercises such as sandbag squats, slams, and presses are just a few examples of common sandbag workouts. Today’s workout will build upon these traditional sandbag exercises and show you new ways to use one of the most versatile tools on the market.

For those unfamiliar with sandbag training, be aware it is a much different challenge than your traditional iron weight plate. For starters, weights are soft which creates an entirely new feel. In fact, sandbags can actually be a better training tool than traditional weights on many occasions. Additionally, there are many sandbag training benefits that you can get only with this piece of equipment, including:

  • Versatility allows for a wide range of movements
  • Sandbags have a small footprint and are space-saving
  • They’re gentle enough to use at home
  • Portability makes them perfect for outdoor workouts

Not only is the sandbag great for those on the go, but it is perfect for gyms as well. Sandbags have a shifting mass, more closely mimicking real-life loads. By learning to lift these properly, you can reduce the risk of injury in your daily life.

About the Hyperwear Sandbell Free Weight

For those looking for a sandbag, let me introduce you to the best on the market, the SandBell by Hyperwear. The SandBell features many premium options when compared to other sandbags on the market. These premium options separate Hyperwear’s SandBell in several ways.

The SandBell line is made of neoprene fabric, giving it an amazing feel in your hands. It is also a durable material, meaning it can be dropped, thrown, or slammed without worry. Just as importantly, the softness of the material means no matter how you grab the SandBell it will feel right at home in your hands.

In addition, the SandBell is filled with only clean sand. Although this may not sound like much to a new buyer, it is extremely important when looking to keep your space clean. Hyperwear’s special process prevents clouds of dust from popping up when using the sandbag. Other products often leave a pile of sand in their wake, unlike the SandBell.

The SandBell also comes in a large variety of sizes. Whether you are looking for a 2lb SandBell or even a 100lb Steelbell, Hyperwear has the solution for you. Each size comes with its own benefits, as 2lbs can be great for mobility training whereas 100lbs is excellent for strength training.

Full Body Sandbag Workout

Today we will look at 10 different sandbag exercises to get your entire body firing. Each move will challenge the body in new ways, from balancing all the way to explosive changes. We wanted to highlight moves that are not traditionally seen using sandbells, while showing improvements for other exercises.

This sandbag training routine is scalable, meaning it is perfect for those new to fitness and those with more experience. If you are new to exercising, reduce the number of reps slightly. If you are experienced, really focus on the intent of each exercise. If you are working on balance, try to stay as stable as possible. If you are working on explosiveness, focus on quick movements with violent intent.

Picking a weight for this sandbag routine can be a little challenging, as different exercises require different loads. I would recommend using a light sandbell for some exercise while keeping a heavy one close by.

Sandbag Exercise #1: JOP To Overhead Slam

Although you have probably never heard of a JOP, the move is simply a mix of a hop and jump. Think of this as if you were playing hopscotch at the park. When combining a JOP with a SandBell Slam the entire body is challenged. This sandbag exercise will train your coordination and get your heart rate up. Perform 10 reps per side and get a good sweat going!.

Sandbag Exercise #2: Fully Body Circle 

The SandBell full body circle is a great move for training core strength. Core training has evolved a ton in the past few decades due to a concept known as vertical core. The principal of vertical core is training the body in positions that we use in daily life. For most of us, that involves standing. For this sandbag exercise be sure to grip the SandBell as hard as you can, focusing on stopping the momentum at the bottom of the circle. Perform 10 circles each direction. 

Sandbag Exercise #3: Forward Lunge to Single Leg Balance

One of the simplest ways to improve any exercise is to add a balance component. Traditionally a sandbag exercise such as the lunge is performed by simply returning to home base after stepping. To add a little spice to your sandbag workout routine, hold the step and lift your back foot up. This will turn on your stabilizing muscles, creating a burn in both your core and legs. Try to hold the single leg balance for 5 seconds each rep, performing 12 reps per side.

Sandbag Exercise #4: Rainbow Slam

The Sandbag exercise known as rainbow slams is very popular. Even if you are just getting into fitness, you’ve probably seen someone slamming some sort of equipment side to side. This same principle is going to apply to rainbow slams. Be sure to reach as high as you can, rotate and then slam the sandbell to your side. Ideally, you will keep your chest up as you slam, avoiding any stress on the spine. Rainbow slams will get you sweating quickly, so be sure to breathe for a minute or two after doing your 20 total reps.

Sandbag Exercise #5: Lateral Lunges to Overhead Side Bend

A very hard area for people to train is their lats. Usually, the only way they are trained is through pulling movements, but they can still be difficult to reach. This sandbag exercise will not only hit your lats but also train the entire body with emphasis on the obliques. Perform a lateral lunge, keeping the toes straight ahead and side bend and the end of your range of motion. You will feel this throughout the side of your body. Although this doesn’t burn your abdominals like other exercises, it will definitely be one your body remembers doing the next day. Aim for 10 reps per side.

Sandbag Exercise #6: Half Kneeling Press

I know what you are thinking. How can a kneeling exercise be considered a total body exercise? A little-known hack to get more out of any pressing movement is to do it from a kneeling position. It will force your body to figure out how to balance to avoid falling over. All this happens subconsciously but will challenge you in ways you wouldn’t expect. Your upper body will also be forced to stabilize, creating changes quicker. Grab the sandbag, press it as high as you can for 10 reps on each side.

Sandbag Exercise #7: Prone SandBell Drags

Prone sandbell drags are another common exercise. Great for core training and upper body stabilization, this move has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. One of the reasons sandbags work so well is they are safer for floors. Meaning you can perform the exercise on hardwood floors and feel stress-free about your floors. Give this exercise an additional challenge by moving slowly, hitting 12 drags per arm.

Sandbag Exercise #8: SandBell High to Low Plank

A benefit of soft weights like the sandbag is that you can place them on your back or elbows for moves such as planks and pushups without fear of injury. Often when using traditional weights for this exercise they will fall off your back and either damage the floor or injury yourself. The SandBell’s soft nature will allow the sand to sink into the natural crevices of your back for more security. For an additional challenge, add a Hyper Vest as well. Try to do this for 1 minute with control.

Sandbag Exercise #9: Squat to High Toss

Sandbag squats help train the entire body, but can be improved. Traditionally squats are a slow movement, designed for strength gains. With a SandBell you can add an explosive element that doesn’t exist in traditional squat patterns. To perform this movement, use the normal form for sandbag squats. However, when coming back to the top of your movement, throw the sandbell as high as you can. Pro-tip, this move is really fun outdoors as you can challenge yourself to throw the sandbell crazy high. Give this exercise a shot with 12 reps.

Sandbag Exercise #10: Leap to 3 Second Hold

As mentioned before, balance is extremely important and a great way to up your exercise intensity. When people think of an explosive movement like the leap, they usually only think of the power created. However, in order to have that explosiveness, there needs to be an element of control as well. Holding a pause for three seconds will give your foot and ankle enough time to stabilize. Try adding this to your routine before getting into your even more explosive exercises, as it is great for prepping your nervous system. Try 10 reps per leg.

Top 4 powerful full body adjustable handled Sandbag System full body exercises

Sandbag System Exercise #1: Walking Lunges

There are many ways to hold a sandbag, but for today let's try this with the Sandbag on your back. This position allows you to control the most amount of weight. Start by lunging forward, then alternating between lunges. You can either go for a time of 1 minute, or shoot for a specific yardage.

Watch here

Sandbag System Exercise #2: Clean and Press

Fair warning. You will sweat a TON from this movement. A clean and press is one of the best movements out there, as it works the entire body in one exercise. Start by performing a clean then catching it in a squat and pressing overhead. Be sure to start light on this, as it can be challenging to control weight over head. AIm for 10 of these bad boys to start, but if you're feeling froggy go for 1 minute.

Watch here

Sandbag System Exercise #3: Swings

One of the best parts about a sandbag is the versatility. You can do movements similar to a barbell, such as the clean and press, but also movements that are traditionally done with kettlebells. For your swing, start with your legs and in a bent position and bring the sandbag between your legs. Using the hips, drive the sandbag forward and backwards, being sure to maintain control the entire time. Try to get 15 clean reps.

Watch here

Sandbag System Exercise #4: Reverse Lunge

To finish your routine, focus solely on destroying your legs. You can hold the sandbag anyway you feel comfortable. This includes placing it on your shoulder, on your back or even holding it in a front rack position. From there, simply lunge backwards and then return to home base. Reverse lunges will get those legs working and have you ready for beach season in a few months!

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The Sandbag System is available in 4 different size options and uses SandBell filler bags which are ready to use immediately.  Each System has zipper close and 8 handles for dynamic training from carries, slams, squats, swings to shouldering. Watch video on YOUTUBE