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Complete Battle Rope Workout for Beginners Guide

Beginners Battle Rope Workout Guide

We love battle ropes around here, if you haven't noticed yet. Battle ropes have becoming increasingly popular in recent years, stimulating both academic research and a dizzying amount of battle rope workout information. We decided to go ahead, sift through and sort out the best, available info out there and put it all into one place for you. We've tried to make this battle rope workout guide valuable, useful and informative. Battle ropes provide a pretty dynamic training tool, as there's a lot going on with them. We wanted to boil everything down, dial it in as much as possible, and deliver it to you with economy and force. Without further ado, in case you haven't read our other blogs on the subject, or if you don't know already, let's get you up to speed on why you want to include a battle rope workout in your training.

Gym ropes - battle rope workout for beginners

What are the ropes at the gym and why use them. Jesse Pinkman has the answer. Jesse Pinkman was Walter White's sidekick in the TV series Breaking Bad. Jesse had a beloved catchphrase which became a meme, and hit pop culture big time- "Science b@#ch!" You may want to substitute "battle ropes" for "science" in this case, because once you see the scientific facts behind this training tool, you'll be adding gym ropes in no time. You might say a "wave" of battle rope studies began shaking out in 2015. Four years is quite a short time in regards to academic studies, as research conclusions can sometimes take decades to go mainstream and be implemented. One battle rope study released in 2015 led the way- Metabolic Cost of Rope Training. This study paved the way, legitimizing battle rope training. What the researchers found comes as no big surprise, and I would say any average Joe could conclude the same, employing some common sense. But as you know, scams and snake oil afflict the fitness world (Shake Weight anyone?) so research studies are a necessary evil. Fountaine and Schmidt found that "...these novel high-intensity upper-body exercises meet previously established thresholds known to increase cardiorespiratory fitness." In other words, if you want to improve all things cardio (resting heart rate, blood pressure, VO2, etc.) pick up the battle ropes and hit it. The study also concluded "...that rope training can provide a high-intensity stimulus for strength and conditioning professionals who seek alternative or reduced impact-conditioning methods for athletes or clients." Since many of you are your own trainer, apply this to yourself. Perhaps you've got some wear and tear, or other issues, that make certain types of training less desirable or impossible. Think about having bad knees for example. Do you want to be pounding them on a treadmill day in and day out? I didn't think so. Whereas if you start a battle rope workout program, you'll get the same stimulus without the daily wear and tear. Thus, battle ropes are a simple yet effective and efficient tool that can benefit anyone. Now let's get you better acquainted with battle ropes, so you feel confident when you go pick them up at home or at the gym.


For the Haters

There are probably a few of you out there who still doubt battle rope benefits. Or maybe, you're a visual learner. Either way, have a look at this battle rope workout video. This is a great introduction, backed with some of the same science we've referenced in our blogs, to make you a believer and ease you into new territory.  


What's Your Muscle Memory Like?

Of course, there's the muscle memory that most of you already know, that involves the recollection of prior training stimulus on the body's musculature. I'm not talking about this one. I'm talking about human anatomy and physiology. Yeah, that muscle memory. How much do you remember from high school biology class? Not much? That's ok, no worries. Here's the dart that hits the bulls eye. I always love videos like this, as I once studied prosected cadavers as part of a college course. Since I had hands-on experience, I remember a lot of the muscles and whatnot. For those without this kind of intimate knowledge about human anatomy and physiology, these musculo-anatomical videos are the next best thing to attending a Body Worlds exhibition. Watch and see all the exact, highlighted muscles that a battle rope workout targets

Battle rope for beginners - how to use battle ropes

Wax On, Wax Off. Oh, Mr. Miyagi. We all love him, but along with the adoration, we all secretly carry a distaste for him too. Well, at least I do. Why?

Training proper technique. C'mon, let's all say it at once. Together now- UGH. When you were a kid, you didn't want to detail cars and paint fences, you just wanted to jump in right away and smash bad guys. How well did not learning proper technique workout for you? Did you get a black eye? Those of us who excel, do so because not only do we train hard and practice, but we also make a concerted effort to learn the proper technique. I know it's boring, but it's a necessary evil to get max out your efficiency and get the full benefits of your effort. Playing pool comes to mind. I played using the wrong technique for years. I had played for a long time only focusing on the cue ball prior to striking it. But then I learned from a real player, that you have to look at the object ball too, most importantly, one last time, right before you hit the cue ball. Wow, did my pool game improve after this insight. So it goes with gym and fitness equipment. I've had similar experiences after learning proper bench pressing and squatting technique. Don't rob yourself of the full benefit and the gains you can get out of a battle rope workout.  

Battle rope workout for beginners - battle ropes video

I can't give this guy Adrian Bryant enough compliments on how good this video and workout is. This is a perfect beginner workout. It's 20 minutes. Anyone can do that. This video is also a workout tutorial. He does the complete 9 minute workout and he even has an inset with a timer, so you can follow along, watch, and do it yourself. Speaking of insets, he has a second one on the video of him doing each movement seated, which is a super idea for the disabled and elderly. I love Adrian's personality. I've never been a fan of those trainers who want you to imagine you're in boot camp, barking at you like R. Lee Ermey. Adrian is the exact opposite. He's still just as motivational but not coarse at all. He tells you to "cause an earthquake" while doing battle rope slams. This is awesome. I'd much rather have a trainer speak to my inner superhero and make me think I'm working to save the world. I don't know about you, but for me, video comments comprise a big factor of the video's quality. Check out the comments on this vid: "I want this guys voice as replacement for Siri. Id be so motivated throughout the day." "Duuuude! It's so simple, but huge! Those preview videos in the corner are something I have never seen ANYBODY do and it's so valuable. I'm massively impressed." "Throwing the person you hate" is great motivation!" "Being in a wheelchair, I really appreciate the seated alternatives to the exercises." The people have spoken, the jury is in, and the verdict is... DING, DING, DING, we have a winner! See for yourself.  

At the End of Your Rope

That's where you should be right now after learning everything you need to know to get you from amateur to battle rope pro. And no, I don't mean reaching the limits of your temper. I mean literally, you should be at the end of your battle rope now, getting ready to start that workout you just saw. We hope you found this guide helpful and that your learning curve flattened out a bit. As G.I. Joe said, "Knowing is half the battle." All you have to do is, add rope. *Wink, wink, nudge, nudge* "Psst, hey, we've got you covered." We just invented the the patent pending Hyper Rope® weighted battle ropes to our arsenal, so please have a look. Men's Health Home Gym Awards named them the best home gym battle rope. You might say, "Knowing is half the battle rope." Best battle rope workout advice I ever heard. Now pickup your rope and be a superhero. Thanks for reading our blog, until next time, stay awesome and consistent at the gym.