CrossFit Workouts with Sandbags

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Sandbag Workouts for Crossfit using SandBell and SteelBell

Crossfit workouts with sandbags, often part of the daily functional training WOD, are beginning to include the Hyperwear SteelBell and SandBell sandbag. Known for its high intensity and constantly varied, generalized fitness training, CrossFit has boomed in popularity in recent years. CrossFit workouts are unique in that CrossFit workout equipment is limited to a few key pieces that can be used to perform all of the basic exercises. While CrossFit has traditionally relied on kettle bells to add resistance to many basic exercises, excellent workouts can be programmed using the SandBell® to provide resistance for strength training in ways a kettle bell just can't match.
functional training workouts with sandbags Julie Foucher CrossFit Athlete and Hyperwear Ambassador

Crossfit sandbag workout - SandBell Swings

The kettle bell swing is one of the most commonly used strength training exercises in CrossFit. The kettle bell is held with both hands and swung in an arc from between the knees to over the head. When performed properly, the kettle bell swing provides an excellent core, hip, and glute workout. This exercise can easily be performed using a SandBell in place of a kettle bell. By doing so, the exerciser must use the core to compensate for the shifting sand inside as well as its swinging motion, providing a more comprehensive CrossFit workout with sandbags than a static kettle bell alone can provide. Additionally, the SandBell® is softer and less dangerous if the exerciser loses control of it in motion, and knowing this can increase the exerciser's confidence with the heavy weights used in CrossFit.

Sandbag Workouts Crossfit - Sandbag Squats

Kettle bells are also used in CrossFit for goblet squats. In this exercise, the kettle bell is held at chest height and provides resistance and counterbalance while the exerciser performs squats. This simple exercise can really help some people improve their form when squatting. Hyperwear's SandBell is an ideal replacement for the traditional kettle bell, as the shifting sand adds a component of core control to this strength training exercise. SandBells® are endlessly versatile and can be used in almost any exercise where weight is added to improve strength. They can be used on the shoulders or chest to provide resistance during sit-ups and pull-ups, and since a typical week at any CrossFit box includeds what feels like thousands of these body weight exercises, users can see real benefits in form and endurance quickly. Using a weight vest for CrossFit like the Hyper Vest can accelerate your gains. SandBells® are also perfect for use in farmer's walks or can be used to scale a weighted sled workout for newer users. In short, when used in conjunction with other CrossFit workout equipment like the rig, jump rope, and barbell, there's very little that you can accomplish with a kettle bell that a SandBell can't do, with added core benefits over using a static weight.