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My Rucking Life: Going Back to the Future for Strength and Health

Embark on a Journey of Strength and Nature with the Hyper Ruck™

Discover the transformative power of rucking with our innovative Hyper Ruck. Inspired by our founder's lifelong passion for the outdoors and backpacking. This experience laid the foundation for Hyperwear's commitment to developing Unconventional Training for Unbeatable Results™.

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Rucking Backpack Evolved

As a Boy Scout in 1968, I embarked on a backpacking trip to Philmont Scout Ranch in the mountains of northern New Mexico, igniting a lifelong passion for the outdoors and backpacking with a rucking backpack. This journey led me through breathtaking trails like the Appalachian, the Grand Canyon, and Yosemite. There's something uniquely peaceful and spiritual about being in nature, coupled with the physical challenge of navigating these terrains with a backpack.

My journey wasn't just about the trails, though. At fourteen I started spending summers working at a nearby golf course. As a caddie, carrying two heavy golf bags was part of my daily routine. This experience unknowingly prepared me for my future endeavors. Fast forward to today, where my professional life has revolved around Hyperwear, a company dedicated to developing innovative "weights you wear" for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. Our Hyper Vest collection of weighted vests are best in class.

Fire up the flux capacitor to today and rucking is on trend to the point that the New York Times writes: “While it’s experiencing a burst in popularity … rucking isn’t new — and it’s not complicated. If you can walk, you can ruck. You can incorporate it into everyday activities or use the weight to intensify movements like lunges and push-ups.” (This Full Body Workout Fits in a Backpack, Hilary Achauer, New York Times, October 11, 2023)

Enter the Hyper Ruck™ – our latest innovation in rucking backpacks and ruck plates. It's the first in a series of affordable, versatile fitness packs designed for everyone. This product is not just about carrying weight; it's about reviving an ancient practice that's deeply rooted in our evolutionary history. It expands what you can get from a ruck both in variety of possible strength training loaded movements and in making your fitness routine available to you wherever and whenever your day takes you.

Humans are Born to Ruck

My studies in human evolution at the University of Pennsylvania taught me about our transformation into bipedal beings. This evolution was significantly influenced by our need to carry weight, a necessity that eventually birthed strength training and weightlifting.

graphic of the classic depiction of the evolution of man from apes but with a rucksack appearing on the humans back

However, as Michael Easter points out in his NY Times bestseller "The Comfort Crisis," modern comforts have led us astray, contributing to serious health issues. Easter advocates for embracing discomfort, which aligns perfectly with the philosophy behind Hyperwear. Rucking isn't just a fitness trend; it's a call to return to our roots, to engage in an activity that our bodies are inherently designed for. And an activity that rewards us with a longer, heathier life.

Why is Rucking Good?

Rucking combines strength training with cardiovascular endurance, offering a full-body workout while immersing you in nature. The Hyper Ruck™ rucking backpack facilitates this experience, making it accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Whether you're a seasoned hiker or someone looking to add a new dimension to your fitness routine, rucking with the Hyper Ruck™ offers a unique blend of health benefits and spiritual fulfillment.

Get Your Ruck On

At Hyperwear, our mission transcends selling products. We aim to inspire people to rise, embrace the outdoors, and lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. The Hyper Ruck™ is not just a product; it's a call to action. It's a reminder of where we came from and a tool to help us get back to our roots. Marty McFly is calling you. Join us in this back-to-the-future journey and discover the transformative power of rucking with the Hyper Ruck rucking backpack.

Images of hyper ruck rucking backpack showing how it can be loaded with ruck plates or a hyper rope, sandbell or steelbell in the main compartment