SandBell vs SteelBell - Which is right for you?

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SandBell vs SteelBell Comparison

At first glance, the SandBell® and the SteelBell®, may seem like very similar products. Both consist of a neoprene sleeve filled with weight-- the SandBell® with play sand, and the SteelBell® with steel shot. However, while there are many similarities in how these products can be used in strength training and core exercise, there are certain applications in which one or the other product truly excels.

Sandbell by Hyperwear ComparisonSandBell®

The SandBell® shifting sand makes it ideal for exercises where moderate resistance is desired and where the core is engaged, including lunges, farmer's walks, kettlebell swings, and most abdominal exercises. The user must engage the core and the whole body to keep the shifting sand in balance while using the weight to perform the programmed exercise. The creators at Hyperwear gave the SandBell® a smooth, neoprene surface that glides easily on gym floors, and the soft texture of the sand is easy on the hands when the SandBell® is used for core exercises. The SandBell's® larger surface area in relation to its weight makes it ideal for exercises where the weight is balanced on the shoulder or tossed from one part of the body to another, making it easy to catch and a challenge to support.

Steelbell by Hyperwear comparisonSteelBell®

In comparison, the SteelBell® interior is filled with steel shot, which is heavier and moves in a more liquid fashion when the SteelBell® is used. There are two implications for this difference in design. First, the core exercise in movements done with the SteelBell® is much more intense, as the shot is a live weight and the user must adjust to its motion more rapidly. Second, the SteelBell® is great for strength training using heavy weights, as it carries a much larger weight in a smaller sized sleeve. The SteelBell® is ideal for exercises where the weight is thrown at maximum effort, or as a replacement for almost any kettlebell or medicine ball exercise. Hyperwear outfitted the SteelBell® with an extra-thick, textured neoprene sleeve as well, so while it slides less easily on gym floors, it is easier to handle and maintain control of the heavier weight. In general, the SteelBell® is the more muscular cousin of the SandBell®. Both products are great for strength training and core exercises and give you the freedom to step up your weight training gradually. The live weight action of the SteelBell® also provides even more of a challenge to your balance, core strength, and coordination, boosting performance like nothing else on the market. Author: Brook Benten President of Cardiopump Fitness, LLC. Hyperwear Master Trainer