Weight Vest for Women - Weighted Vest Benefits and Tips

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Weighted vest for women have many benefits such as building strength and bone density. Weight vests are easy to use to include strength training with fun exercises like walking, running, jogging or group exercise. Finding the right modification to get a better workout is never an easy task. From adding weights to changing up circuits, workout routines can be tweaked in a variety of ways to offer better, faster results; however, not all variations deliver the same results they claim. Whether you are looking to lose weight or just tone up and gain muscle, adding a weighted vest for women to an overall body workout is one of the absolute best ways for women to burn additional fat and calories and see maximum results. Selecting a comfortable vest designed to fit a woman's body will leave you feeling great.

Why a Weight Vest for Women: female weighted vest adds to any workout

Specifically designed for use in a high intensity workout, a weight vest is a piece of workout equipment that adds a precise amount of weight to the body so that you immediately feel the additional effort required to carry the additional weight. Worn simply like any other fitted vest, a weight vest adds resistance and burns a lot of extra calories while challenging the body’s response to exercise.

Benefits of Weighted Vest for Women's Fitness

While weight vests offer an additional workout challenge for anyone, weight vests are especially beneficial for women looking to tone up and lean down. In general, the weight vest functions to add an additional level of resistance on the body. As the body senses the extra weight, it works harder, using more calories and burning more fat. Even after the weight is removed, though, the body continues to work as if still carrying the added weight, leading to increased strength, endurance, and calorie burn.

In addition, weight vest add an extra level of difficult when training to increase balance and coordination as well as agility. By simply adding a weight vest, no muscles are used which further develops core strength and ability, extremely important factors in relation to good balance and stability. An added benefit of weighted vest training for women is increased bone strength. Women are particularly susceptible to osteoporosis, and using a weighted vest adds more stress to the bones, forcing them to become stronger.

Best Weighted Vest for Women Workouts - weight vest for women's fitness

One of the most effective weighted workouts for women is core performance training. Wearing a weight vest while performing a core routine increases the intensity even more to develop agility and power. Simpler but just as effective, weight vests can be worn while walking or running to raise caloric expenditure and further train the muscles. For an even more difficult full body workout, a weight vest can be worn while climbing indoors or out.

Whether looking to add muscle or just burn more calories, adding a weight vest to any routine is an extremely effective way for women to modify a workout. One of the best all-around weight vests for women is the Hyper Vest weight vest from Hyperwear. Featuring adjustable styling and additional weight add-ons, this vest is a perfect place to start for amping up any workout routine.