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Workout Sandbags System | Hyperwear SandBell

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New System of Handled Workout Sandbags with Filled SandBells

Workout sandbags with multiple handles are a standard strength training weight used in fitness clubs, studios, home gyms, garage gyms and outdoor bootcamps. The dynamic and unpredictable resistance of sandbag training is recommended by researchers as functional fitness training to replace or supplement strength machines. Shifting sand challenges the core and stabilizer muscles to mimic the demands of real life. This is the benefit behind functional fitness training, which is focused on movement and not just muscle.

When did sandbags become a valued free weight for strength training? Sandbags were used in U.S. Army physical fitness programs at least as far back as 1990. Around 2009, sandbag weights like the SandBell were invented as well as sandbags specifically designed for athletic training that had handles. Hyperwear combines the best features of these tools in to one Sandbag System by using SandBells as the filler bags inside a handled sandbag. Let's look at the limitations of popular training sandbag weights and how the new Sandbag System changes training with sand weights for the better.

Top problems with buying and using workout sandbags

Workout Sandbags are Sold Empty

There is a hidden cost and hassle when you invest in a training sandbag with handles. They arrive useless. You have to spend more time, money, and burn gas on a trip to Lowes or Home Depot for bags of sand. Why should you have to go buy sand and deal with cleaning up after filling? The argument is saving on shipment, but free shipping offers are common so it pays to compare.

Workout Sandbags will Leak Sand

Most handled sandbags for training come with empty rectangular filler bags with velcro used to close them. Warnings and fill level markings are typical to allow for a lot of empty space in the bag. Ignore the warning and you experience the joy of the filler bag bursting from stress on the seams. Sand will escape and get everywhere - hopefully not in your eyes. Workouts with sandbags are limited to your garage or outdoors because of the risk of leaks. And almost all typical fitness sandbags warn against slamming. Damage from sandbag slams will not be covered under most warranties.

Workout Sandbag Weight Is Hard to Adjust

Filler bags for training sandbags are adjusted by opening and adding or removing sand. The weight of the filler bag is not known without being weighed each time. It is a messy, time consuming, and inaccurate process. Not ideal when the basics of strength training call for progressive and accurate loading.

Filler Bags Only Have One Use

The usual rectangular filler bags have no other purpose. You fill them with sand or gravel to load your training sandbag and the best you can hope for is that they do not burst or leak. They make your sandbag with handles a single weight for strength training.

The Best Workout Sandbag System uses Filled SandBells

Hyperwear's Sandbag System is Sold Filled

No need to spend more and go to the store. When your Sandbag System purchase arrives you are ready to workout.

Medium Hyperwear Sandbag System 80 lb Assortment of FILLED SandBell workout sandbags

Worry-free, Leak-free Sandbag Training even Indoors

Awarded 3 U.S. Patents and proven not to leak in over a decade of heavy use in top health clubs, the SandBell allows you to train anywhere without escaping sand. The handled sandbag does not even need any special velcro seal over the zipper. Leaking sand will damage and jam a zipper over time. You will not find sand inside the bag and will not need to clean it. The bag is tough military grade 1000D water repellant nylon to perform perfectly in outdoor training or boot camps too.

Multiple Sandbag Weights in One

The Sandbag System is offered with standard sets of SandBell filler bags that fit into a workout sandbag with 40 lb (small), 80 lb (medium) or 160 lb (large) weight capacities. For one price, you get 4 or 5 SandBell neoprene sand disc weights plus the sturdy Hyperwear sandbag. Truly giving you endless strength training variety in one purchase. Other SandBell sets or upgrading to the SandBell PRO will be added in the future.

Strength train with a smarter sandbag system with fixed weight SandBell filler bags that are clearly marked with their weight. Patented colored rims allow for easy recognition of the weight - quickly add or subtract accurate weight for variable load strength exercise.

Slam, Drag or Throw the Hyperwear Workout Sandbags

Like the SandBell which was invented to be a slam ball medicine ball replacement, the whole bag and individual SandBells are built to be slammed and thrown without damage. Just avoid anything sharp that can cut or puncture the product. Go ahead and drag on smooth surfaces. Damage from dragging, slamming or throwing on abrasive surfaces like textured concrete or black top is no covered.

Choose Workout Sandbags Carefully

In short, consider the pro's and con's of the workout sandbags that are out there before buying. What is the true cost and how much use can you get out of your choice. For a detailed review, take a look at the Hyperwear Sandbag System workout sandbags page.

Hyperwear small sandbag system workout sandbags pictured outdoorsSmall Hyperwear Sandbag with open zipper showing SandBell workout sandbags as filler bags