Almost every single person in the world has seen a “superhero” physique and wondered what they can do to look that way. Many sites will tell you exact workout plans, but often suggest getting an expensive gym membership. However, for the average person time commitments and even a commute can be preventative from a consistent gym routine. For this reason, we are going to examine how to build muscle at home with just a few pieces of equipment. The main equipment we will be looking at are the MX Select adjustable dumbbells and the SandBell from Hyperwear. Think of MX Select dumbbells as a way to consistently overload the muscle fiber and the SandBell as a way to shock the system. Dumbbells will give you a constant form of progression, whereas the SandBell offers a versatility to build muscle at home easily.

What are the Principles to Build Muscle at home?

If you are looking to build muscle, there are several key components that need to be factored in. One of course, is your nutrition. You have to eat a large enough amount of food to actually put on muscle in the first place. When it comes to your workouts however, the biggest factors for muscle gain are Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type. These are more commonly referred to as the FITT principles.


Frequency refers to the amount of times that you are working out. This is an extremely important principle, as you need to be consistent in your workout routine to achieve sustainable results. If you are looking to build muscle, there are several different frequencies you can follow. Some people prefer workouts 4 days a week, others 5 and some even stretch it to 6 days. All of these are reasonable options, just make sure you are using the other FITT principles to influence your decision in how frequently you are working out.


Intensity refers to how hard you are working out. What it does not refer to is how much you are sweating. One of the most common misconceptions when it comes to working out is that the more you sweat, the better the workout. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Think about it in this sense. If you go out running in the 100 degree heat, you will sweat a ton. But if you are lifting in the air conditioned gym, you won’t sweat nearly as much. Instead, think of intensity as how hard each muscle group is working. Adding extra strain is key to getting those gains, as the muscles need to be broken down in order to be built back up.


Time is essential for two different purposes: your rest time and the actual time under tension. As mentioned, any workout routine will break down the muscle fiber you are using. Workouts strain the muscle, so without proper recovery you cannot hope to gain muscle. It needs time to repair and get stronger. In general, after working a specific muscle group you should give it 48 hours to fully recover before training that group again. So if I train legs on Monday, I wouldn’t want to train them again until Wednesday. Time also refers to time under tension. Time under tension simply means how long the muscle is actually working during an exercise routine. For anyone looking to increase their muscle size to get that superhero aesthetic, try slowing down your exercise movement. For example, if i'm using my adjustable dumbbells for bench press, try taking 3 seconds to press each rep up instead of doing it as fast as possible. You will be shocked with how much more effective your exercise will be when you move slowly as opposed to quickly.


The final principle of fitness is known as type. Type refers to what style of exercise you are doing. For example, if I am trying to become a better runner, workouts should match that by having lots of cardio. If I am trying to build muscle at home however, I want to instead focus on lifting exercises, while keeping cardio to a minimum. By sticking to this principle of specificity, you will have a much better chance of reaching your goals.

How Do I Build Muscle at Home?

Now that you understand the FITT principle, you might be wondering what your workouts should look like to build muscle. In general, you want to have a workout routine that focuses on the entire body. For example, if I want to workout 4 Days a week, I would do legs Monday and Thursday, while doing upper body Tuesday and Friday. Since my frequency is relatively low, I will have a higher intensity for my exercises each day when compared to someone working out 6 times a week. The good news is, with just a SandBell and a set of adjustable dumbbells you can hit all 4 principles with ease! MX Select has a line of adjustable dumbbells that range from 7.5lbs all the way up to 85lbs! This versatility is huge, as different movements will require different loads. For example, an 85lb dumbbell would be great for bent over rows or bench press. However, 7.5lbs would be much better for lateral raises. Knowing that you have the versatility to properly overload movements is paramount to gaining muscle. In addition, the SandBell from Hyperwear partners perfectly with an adjustable dumbbell set. The SandBell features a shifting mass, meaning any exercise performed with it will require more effort than a standard weight. Not only do you have to move the Sandbell, you also have to figure out how to control it. By learning controlled patterns, you’ll increase time under tension while keeping the mind fresh.

Common Muscle Building Exercises with Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells are a great tool for building muscle in every part of the body. Whether you are trying to get massive legs or a chiseled upper body, they are the perfect tool for the job. Some common moves used to build muscle with adjustable dumbbells from home are:
  • Bent Over Rows- Great for building your back.
  • Squat to Press- Total body movement designed to get your legs and upper body firing.
  • Walking Lunges- An excellent way to work your legs.
  • Curls- One of the most effective ways to grow your biceps.
With these few exercises, you can really make progress to your dream body. Remember to focus on doing each exercise slowly. You can easily progress load week over week, simply by adjusting the weight of your dumbbells. No longer do you need an entire set of dumbbells to do your workout, as it can all be contained in a space no larger than the corner of your room!

Common Muscle Building Exercises with a SandBell

SandBells on their own are an amazing way to build muscle. They can provide overload while also being safe on your floors. This makes them a perfect tool for building muscle at home. When partnered with dumbbells, you can get very creative in building muscle.
  • SandBell Chest Press- Squeeze the SandBell and punch as hard as you can for 30 seconds
  • SandBell Slams- Great way to shred weight without doing cardio.
  • SandBell Halos- Utilize these to mobilize the shoulders, better preparing them for heavy presses.
With these great additional exercises, you can overload the muscles in ways that will keep you relaxed and having a great time! By using multiple tools to work the same muscle group, you will still be increasing your exercise intensity and time under tension. Both of which are key components of the FITT principle.

Where to Get Your Adjustable Dumbbells and SandBells

For anyone looking to improve their physique, whether it be in their home or garage, look no further than Hyperwear! Hyperwear specializes in small space products, perfect for anyone who only has a small footprint to work with. Hyperwear recently partnered with MX Select, meaning you can get both your SandBell and adjustable dumbbell set all in one location!