Basketball Weight Vest Training with Todd Wright

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Basketball Weight Vest Training Methods

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Basketball weight vest training methods require expert knowledge. Today I was able to meet with Todd Wright (the University of Texas' Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Basketball). Todd is an expert on bodyweight training for athletes including the use of weighted vests. He is also a big fan of the SandBell having helped Hyperwear by testing the first prototypes. His Train 4 the Game sports performance training facility in Austin is recognized as a top training center. It has also allowed him to mentor and develop many excellent coaches.

Best weight vest for basketball

To sum up the meeting, after texting the Hyper Vest, Todd said, "All right, we are going to order some Hyper Vest PRO weight vests was that the fastest sale you have ever made?" Yes, and most definitely the most significant, as well.

Weighted vests for basketball

Todd stated that the Hyper Vest is absolutely the best fitting and most comfortable weight vest. It is the only one that allows you to breath. His most significant comment was that the Hyper Vest feels like you are wearing a compression shirt. Now, that sounds comfy. A key to comfort is having a weight vest that allows your chest to expand for breathing while still holding the weights in place with vertical moves like jumping.

Todd's positive review was a great validation for the time and effort that went into designing and bringing the Hyper Vest to market. He is a leader in the field of strength and conditioning and can often be seen on the Perform Better conference circuit where his hands on sessions are wildly popular.

For a great article about Todd Wright's Vertical Core Training system including the Hyperwear SandBell look for an article called Vertical Core Training. If you want to know how a weight vest can help performance check out the weight vest research.