Hyper Vest Weighted Vests: 5 Unique Features

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Hyper Vest® Weighted Vests | What Makes them the Best?

Training in weighted vests has recently become much more popular, especially since the meteoric rise of CrossFit, which utilizes weight vests in MURPH and aother WOD's. Research on weight vests also shows they really work. These days there are tons of different styles of weight vest on the market; from military grade bullet-proof vests to sexy sports-bra toners (whatever they are!). But the leading weight vest on the market is still the Hyper Vest PRO, and here's five reasons why.

5 Unique Features of the Hyper Vest PRO weight vest

1. Flex-Design
weighted vests
Handstand Walk in Hyper Vest PRO

The Hyper Vest PRO features a unique fabric control system that flexes in the horizontal plane but not in the vertical plane. This allows for full chest expansion without inhibiting breathing or restriction of range of motion.

The innovative design hugs the body for an extremely comfortable fit, like a compression shirt. This snug fit keeps the weights in place even during vigorous, multi-plane movements.

The Hyper Vest PRO is also one of the only weight vests that can be safely used to perform inverted movements, like handstand walks, without risk of the vest falling off or the weights falling out.

2. Adjustable Fit
weighted vests
Side Lacing allows for highly adjustable fit

Unlike a lot of the other “one-size fits all” weight vests, the Hyper Vest PRO is highly adjustable.

It is the only weight vest that features flexible side lacing that allows you to tighten or loosen the vest to achieve your desired fit. It’s so adjustable you can tighten at the bottom end more while keeping the top of the lacing a little looser, or vice versa for a truly custom fit.

The lacing and generous open side panels also allow for superior ventilation, allowing hot air to escape and keeping you cool.

The Hyper Vest PRO is available in sizes from Small to X-Large.

3. Easy On/Off
weighted vests
Front zipper on Hyper Vest PRO

A large number of vests are designed with just a head opening. Putting it on and taking it off requires you to lift the vest up and over your head. This can be a little awkward especially when you are fatigued, all sweaty and trying to take off a fully-loaded vest.

With the Hyper Vest PRO you don’t need a training partner to help you put it on or take it off. It is designed like a waistcoat with a front zipper and large arms and neck openings.

Just loosen the side lacing and slip your arms through the arm holes, zip it up, adjust the side lacing for your desired fit and you are ready to rock. And take it off is just as easy, even when you are sweaty and exhausted.

Both the adjustable side lacing and front zipper also allows you to get a superior fit where the vest won’t slip or bounce around, unlike the ones with the one large Velcro waist or chest strap.

4. Weight Distribution
weighted vests
Hyper Vest PRO individual weight pockets

How weight is distributed in weighted vests is very important. A lot of weight vests use weight packs in large increments of 5+ lbs with the weights usually located high up in front or back or on top of the shoulders. Uneven weight distribution can add extra stress and strain to certain areas of the body such as the lower back or shoulders.

The Hyper Vest PRO is designed with numerous pockets to hold small, individual weight bars each weighing 2.25oz. Each size (S, M, L & XL) ships loaded with 10 lbs of weight evenly distributed throughout the pockets.

The amount and distribution of weight are also highly adjustable. Weight bars can be easily removed to reduce the load. Additional weight can be added to max out each size. Weights can also be quickly and easily re-arranged across the pockets to change the weight distribution.

5. Slim Profile
weighted vests
Slim profile of Hyper Vest PRO

Since a number of weighted vests were adopted from the military tactical vests designed to stop bullets, they typically have the reputation of being big, bulky and uncomfortable.

The Hyper Vest PRO’s profile is the complete opposite of bulky. The vest fits like a waistcoat and can be adjusted to hug the body like a compression shirt. The ¼” thick high-density steel weights make it so slim it is barely detectable under a shirt.

This ultra-thin profile means it does not get in the way of your workouts. For power moves like muscle-ups, it does not get in the way of the bar. For gymnastic moves like handstand walks it does not fall over your head. For plyometric moves like depth jumps and box jumps it does not smash you in the chin and teeth. And for cardio and endurance activities it doesn’t bounce around and chafe you all up.

Just putting the Hyper Vest PRO on you will immediately experience these five unique difference, even before working out in it. Once you workout in the Hyper Vest PRO you will never be able to wear a different weight vest again.

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