Cooling for athletes

How to Use Cooling for Athletes Recovery and Performance

Athletes need cooling strategies to perform and recover in an increasingly hot world. Check out resources and learn about the CoolOver™ cooling vest.
two male athlete models are pictured on a bench at a field with a football wearing coolover cooling vest for sports

Cooling Vest for Sports: Athlete Performance in Heat

Effective Cooling Techniques for Optimizing Athlete Performance in the Heat Including Cooling Vests for Sports Optimizing athlete performance in outdoor practices, games, and events requires effect...
picture of two male athletes on a hot field wearing orange coolover cooling vests

Best Sports Cooling Strategies: Cooling Vests for Athletes

Performance and Recovery in Heath and Humidity: Cooling Vests for Athletes Optimizing athlete performance and recovery requires effective cooling strategies. Studies showed in 2004 that precooling ...
graphic showing the proximal end of a femur and progression of osteoporosis in three stages

Brown Fat and Bone Health: The Surprising Connection You Need to Know

Brown Fat Activation and Bone Health: A Surprising Connection Brown adipose tissue (BAT), also known as brown fat, is a type of fat tissue that plays a critical role in regulating metabolism and ma...
image of obese female model smiling wearing cooling vest to activate brown fat while enjoying her morning coffee

Brown Fat Activation for Obesity and Diabetes

Activation of brown fat can increase energy expenditure, promote weight loss, and improve glucose and lipid metabolism. Cold exposure and exercise are natural, low-risk and effective ways to activa...
picture of model wearing cool2shape cooling vest for weight loss

Cooling vest for weight loss next Paleo Diet trend?

Research on activation of brown adipose tissue (“brown fat”) by cooling vest for weight loss pointing towards new treatments for obesity and related metabolic diseases. While surveying exciting new...